Awakening Your Third Eye

On this week’s episode, the Deb and Samantha discuss various techniques to tap into and open the third eye chakra- the space between the two eyebrows in the center of the forehead which is responsible for intuition and mediumship (this article also provides great methods). I found this discussion to be especially helpful as I am actively working on strengthening my psychic “muscle.”






COTW: Lapis Lazuli

Dating as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, this crystal was highly coveted as it promotes serenity while strengthening intuition. Usually a deep dark blue color with a hint of golden specks, Lapis Lazuli is the quintessential third eye chakra opener. Not only does this stone assist with clairvoyance, it resonates with the throat chakra and assists in heightening clairaudience as well. Because of it’s strong metaphysical properties, lapis aids in psychic work, promotes vivid, prophetic dreams, and enhances spiritual powers.

Meditating with lapis lazuli can assist you in uncovering your true purpose by stimulating your ability to intuitively read yourself. It helps you take charge of your life by revealing truths and underlying issues. This crystal also encourages self-expression, therefor may aid in releasing anger and other negative emotions which may be blocking your throat chakra.

AOTW: Wolf

Wolf represents the teacher as it is deeply connected to the unconscious and psychic wisdom. Wolf is also tied to moon energy. Those that are drawn to wolf energy and symbology are teachers in some capacity or are called to be teachers. Wolf also reminds us to be open to learn and to be the teacher in our own life. We are also reminded to seek out solitude and space just to be with our own company so that we may delve more deeply into the mysteries of life and ourselves.

The sixth chakra, third eye (aka brow chakra, ajna chakra, or guru chakra), is located directly between the two eye brows. It is from here that we transcend our duality, the door or gateway into the universe and “all that is.” It is connected to the pineal gland which rules sleep/wake cycles and melatonin production. To keep the pineal gland healthy it needs a balance of sunlight and complete darkness. This can be achieved by spending time outdoors while the sun is out, ideally being in sunlight for ten minutes or so (easier said than done, especially since I live in Ireland!) and sleeping in complete darkness (yay blackout curtains!).

The book of the week is The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness by Penney Peirce. You can download an audible version of this book using a free trial through




The Four Types of Empaths

COTW: Covellite

Working with covellite helps you connect to your Higher Self and find ways to transform your dreams into reality. This would be an ideal stone to incorporate into a crystal grid, especially with an intention of manifestation.

A powerful stone, covellite strengthens psychic ability and intuition as it opens and awakens the Third Eye chakra. It is said to increase clairvoyance, aid in astral travel, and promote lucid dreaming. Also known as the Medium’s Stone, covellite can help one connect to spirits and energy “behind the veil.”

Before diving into what the ladies notes as the four main types of empaths, it’s important to recognize the characteristic and traits often experienced by empaths (and determine if you are an empath as well):

4 types of Empaths:

Nature empath

A nature empath is someone who is sensitive to the natural world around them. They may feel drawn to certain areas, either a beach or mountains for example and feel as though their energy is heightened by being in these particular places. Nature empaths generally feel more at peace and balanced when connecting to the natural environment. It is not unusual for these people to seek out alone time outside in order to “recharge” or reconnect. Grounding, by walking barefoot on a grassy surface for instance, is a wonderful technique for nature empaths to balance their energies, especially if they have been stuck indoors in or a city for too long.

Animal empath

Have you ever known someone who was drawn to animals and animals always seemed to be drawn to him or her? Does it seem as though this person is able to speak to animals? These are common occurrences for animal empaths.

Physical empath

A physical empath can physical feel within their own bodies the aches and pains of those close to them. For example, if a coworker is complaining of a headache, an empath may begin to develop a headache. This phenomena is also prevalent in many mediums who may feel a physical pain from a spirit trying to relay a message of an illness or the manner in which he/she passed on.

Emotional/Intuitive empath

Being emotionally or intuitively empathic is very common among highly spiritual and enlightened individuals. By having trained and developed one’s intuitive abilities (by opening the 7 chakras, for example) allows one to be highly sensitive to the auric energy of those around them. While it may be comforting to be able to read and identify the emotions of others, it is imperative to prevent taking on too many negative emotions from others. As empaths are often predisposed to codependency as a way of always helping others, it is crucial to recognize when the helping transitions into being taken advantage of or victimized (which often happens when an empath is near/close to a narcissistic or egomaniac).

Unsolved Mystery Show: Exploring Hy Brasil

This week’s episode focuses on strange phenomena resulting from extraterrestrial encounters and the mystifying “lost island” of Hy Brasil off the Irish coast. This subject matter is always very compelling as with most paranormal and spiritual topics, lost worlds and civilizations are always shrouded in mystery.

COTW: Labradorite (“The Bringer of Light”)

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this crystal. Upon first glance, the stone appears to be plain black in color. When light hits it, however, an enchanting iridescent blue color emerges.

Judy Hall, the reigning expert on the metaphysical properties of crystals, labradorite should be the ideal stone (either worn or carried) for intuitives and psychics as it has the ability to protect energy by strengthening one’s aura while simultaneously allowing energy to be open to receiving new information. This stone can powerfully raise our vibrations, enabling us to better connect with the metaphysical realm.

Additionally, labradorite is known to bring healing and comfort to empaths and is a great stone to use when overcoming pain from past lives. Meditating with a piece of labradorite on the third eye is always said to be a powerful experience. Working with labradorite can also:

  • assist with astral work
  • stimulates intuition and psychic gifts
  • helps bring messages from the unconscious to the surface
  • banishes insecurities
  • helps remove people’s projections that have been imprinted on your aura
  • bring positive, fun energy into the home
  • aid in dealing with changes in the workplace
  • inspire fiction writers, play writes, screenwriters, composers or anyone in the creative arts
  • reconnect psychics to their intuitive gifts and abilities
  • sleeping with labradorite under one’s pillow is said to bring about creative dreams

Labradorite can be properly cleansed and recharged when there is a rainbow in the sky. How cool is that?

AOTW: Bat (The birth of the old self and the rebirth of the new)

The cute and spooky quintessential October animal, bat, represents the concept of rebirth. The bat symbolizes being able to release and let go of old emotions, anger, resentments, past hurts, disappointments, etc. Seeing a bat in real life or an image of a bat delivers a reminder to release any negative emotions and feelings which do not serve in your best interest. Grow and become your future. 

While it may not be wise to get close to a wild bat, these bat wings would be the perfect costume for your pet. Perhaps a “cat-bat” can channel the same energies of rebirth and personal growth. In the very least, dressing up your pet in an adorable costume will bring a smile to your face.

Deb and Samantha then go on to tell the story of a possible extraterrestrial encounter in 1980. I encourage you to take the time to listen to this incredibly interesting story for yourself! If you have the slightest interest in UFOs or aliens (ancient astronaut theorists unite!), you will thoroughly enjoy this episode.

The book of the week is Atlantis and Other Lost Worlds by Frank Joseph. You can download an audible version of this book using a free trial through


September Q & A

COTW: Fuchsite (aka green muscovite, “the Cinderella stone”)

A powerhouse stone, this crystal possesses a myriad of metaphysical benefits. One of fuchsite’s main jobs is to help those who are codependent and stuck in a victim-based situation. It teaches “chronic people pleasers” to stand in their own power.

Getting most of her information from Judy Hall’s The Crystal BibleSamantha explains that fuchsite can help us deal with issues of servitude from past and present lives and can assist in reversing a tendency towards martyrdom. This stone can therefor be used by those dealing with codependency issues, teaching you to say “no” when appropriate and recognize when you’re trying to constantly save someone else. Overall, fuchsite will assist in gaining assertiveness, self-worth, and acknowledge one’s own strength and power in relationships.

AOTW: Elephant

Representing gentleness, wisdom, strength, and connection to sacred feminine energy (as evident through elephants’ social structure and reliance of alpha females as group leaders). Elephants have been seen in many ancient cultures, notably the Hindu god Ganesha. Symbolically, seeing an elephant in a dream represents overcoming obstacles, particularly in relationships. Samantha also brings up the good point that elephant energy reminds us to reassess our fears. Common knowledge tells us that the large, mighty elephant’s biggest fear is the tiny, unassuming mouse. Be mindful that your fears are often largely amplified in your mind/imagination than they are in real life.

Listening to the ladies discussing the elephant is inspiring me to watch the lovely Disney classic DumboI must have been no older than five the last time I saw that movie. My only memory of it is that I was moved to tears. Why is it that movies that feature animals are the most emotional?

As with all of the Q&A shows, I recommend taking the time to listen to the full episode to see if any of the topics resonate with you.

The book of the week is The Interior Castle by Saint Terese of Avila. You can download an audible version of this book using a free trial through

The Tarot Archetypes Finished- Judgement and World

This week’s episode concludes the ladies’ discussion of various archetypes of Tarot. Each month, Samantha and Deb go in-depth discussing a card from the Major Arcana of the Rider Waite deck. The last and final cards of the series are keys 20 and 21, The Judgement and The World.

COTW: Green Aventurine

This stone was recently discussed in a #tbt episode. You can find the crystal’s information here! Samantha also explains that green aventurine can protect you from Energy Vampires, particularly those who are passive aggressive. Furthermore, green aventurine, along with fluorite, absorbs invisible magnetic energy emitted from our electronic devices. A dealer on Etsy hand makes and sells beautiful green aventurine cellphone cases which would be worth looking into if you’re worried about being inundated with “energetic smog.”

AOTW: Donkey (here’s a unique gift for the donkey fan in your life!)

Since antiquity, donkeys have been revered as intelligent, hardworking animals. The ancient Egyptians used this animal as the symbol for Ra, the Sun God. Metaphysically, these animals represent the ability to be versatile and remind us to be open-minded with our world views. Donkey energy also encourages us to be open for opportunities to learn and grow. Further, donkey medicine encourages us to work hard, believe in our endeavors, and keep the faith in ourselves.

Key 20 of the Waite-Rider deck, Judgement, Depicts Archangel Gabriel blowing his horn onto a group of nude people who appear to be emerging from coffins (creepy!). A solar cross (a representation of the equal balance between light and dark) is seen below his breast plate. Seven rays of light can be seen radiating from his golden trumpet. These represent the Word of God delivering hope and joy to humanity.

According to Deb (she gets her insights from this guidebook), this card represents the reawakening of nature under the influence of spirit. Namely, this card evokes the mystery surrounding birth and death.

The man seen rising from the “Tomb of World Beliefs” represents the consciousness while the woman depicts the subconscious. The children in the image represent the childlike, joyful energy we become when we reconnect with Spirit.

The power belongs to him he knows. And he who knows is then responsible. 

Overall, this card showcases “the fool’s” journey that through effort and suffering the secrets of life will be revealed. It is through physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges that our true selves are known. This is the card of self-realization. 

The 21st key of the tarot, is all about hope and promise. The card features a dancer wrapped in a scarf holding wands in both hands. She is standing in a position that makes her look like a right-side up triangle. This is the opposite position of the “hangman” key. She is surrounded by a wreath where the red ribbons appear to make the infinity symbol. In the corners, the representations of fire, air, earth, and water (the 4 elements) are seen. These signify the balance which is needed to support life.

Essentially, The World card signifies that “you are in a timeless state of grace and all is well.” Seeing this card in a tarot reading indicates that you are on the right path. Maintain faith and confidence that you are succeeding in your current goals.




The book of the week is The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene. You can download an audible version of this book using a free trial through This book explains how to wake up to your true calling and fearlessly go after your dreams. I am definitely downloading this ASAP. Can never have too much motivation/inspiration.

Getting to know the Psychic Teachers

I’m a loyal podcast listener, sticking to only two podcasts: Psychic Teachers (of course) and My Favorite Murder (to fulfill my dark sense of humor and my deep interest in true crime). Recently, the beloved Psychic Teachers have each had air time on The Positive Head podcast. Deb and Samantha were each featured individually to discuss their background in spirituality and their intuitive abilities, as well as provided great insight into current projects they are working on.

I find it refreshing to learn about those who have had a profound effect on my life. It’s almost as fun as long-forgotten MTV series “Diary” where you get a sneak peek into the lives of your favorite celebrities. Below are the links for the interviews with Deb and Samantha:






August Q & A

The Q & A episodes are always my favorites! Deb and Samantha respond to questions sent in by their listeners (which can be submitted via email at or through their Facebook page). The topics are varied and expansive, covering everything from astrology to haunted homes to everything in between. It’s so thrilling to hear the ladies’ wisdom and insight into everything metaphysical and spiritual. Their knowledge is unmatched!

As with every episode, the ladies begin with a quick overview of a “crystal of the week” (COTW) and an “animal of the week” (AOTW).

COTW*: Hematite

*While not to be truly classified as a crystal, hematite is actually an iron oxide mineral 

A very powerful and protective stone, Hematite (aka “The Stone for the Mind”) is my go-to metaphysical armor. As dark hued stones are revered for their protective qualities, hematite is the quintessential psychic protection piece. It enhances feelings of groundedness and connection to the Earth, stabilizing your emotions. This is important, especially when in a situation where your feelings are in flux (such as dealing with a difficult person).

If you are highly sensitive or empathic, this stone will help shield your aura from negative energies. I recently gifted a beautiful piece of hematite to my mother to guard her new home and protect her sacred home space. It can also be worn in a bracelet on the left wrist to create a protective barrier for your auric field.

AOTW: Octopus

While creatures of the sea don’t immediately pop into my mind when I think of animals, I have to admit; there’s is something fascinating about the brilliant octopus. Incredibly clever, agile, and quick, the octopus reminds us to be flexible. We should remember that we don’t have to feel obligated or connected to people or situations which do not serve us. Octopus represents that idea of free choice and being able to go in your own direction. The gift octopus gives us is the knowing that:

Whatever has happened to you in your life, there is the possibility of healing. 

The show is filled with thoughtful questions and sharp insight. I recommend taking the time to listen to the full Q & A episode to see if any of the topics resonate with you.

The book of the week is Mary Stewart’s Rose Cottage. You can download an audible version of this book using a free trial through

Manifesting Boards & Treasure Maps — Keys to Abundance

If you direct your life, the universe will follow.

On this week’s #tbt show, Deb and Samantha discuss various tools and shortcuts that can be used to manifest dreams and desires. We may all be familiar with the concept of “vision boards” or “goal books”. The ladies take a practical and optimistic approach to this practice and have reignited my interest in creating my own tools for manifestation.

This show originally aired at the beginning of 2011. As a new year signifies rebirth and starting fresh, it makes sense that creating a clear outline of one’s goals and dreams creates a positive structure for the upcoming months. Writing down goals and dreams is not limited to the start of a new year, however. It’s never the wrong time to make clear in your heart and in your mind of what you truly want. This #tbt episode was a great reminder for me to reassess my deepest desires and eliminate my limiting beliefs about receiving from the Universe.

The show begins with a quick meditation, a “crystal of the week,” and a “tarot of the week” where Deb discusses archetypes from the Major Arcana of the traditional Rider-Waite deck. The white light meditation, guided by Samantha’s soothing voice, establishes a cool sense of ease and calm. I enjoy how the ladies value finding peace and serenity throughout the day. I always treasure listening to their guided meditations, even while wandering through the city or taking the crowded bus.

The crystal discussed is Green Aventurine (aka “The Stone of Opportunity). This light green stone is easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Being that this is the stone of opportunity, it’s fitting to the show’s topic of manifesting. Green Aventurine has many wonderful metaphysical properties:

  • helps attract luck, love, and money
  • enhances abundance (financial prosperity)
  • known to bring good luck to gamblers! (this piece would be perfect to wear in a Vegas casino or classy Monaco venue)
  • the stone’s green hue correlates to the heart chakra so it will assist in healing any heart-related or emotional issues

Samantha advises that after acquiring a new stone, it is important to properly cleanse it as lingering energy from pasts owners, for example, will hinder the stone’s full energetic potential. There are several ways to clean and recharge a crystal:

  • Placing the stone under running water
  • Using one’s own calm, clearing breath
  • Setting your crystal out in the moonlight or sunlight
  • Leave your stone in a bowl of saltwater, rice, or sage
  • Spraying your crystal with a cleansing spray

Deb explains the meaning and the symbolism behind Key 14, the Temperance card of the Rider-Waite deck. Overall a very positive card, the card’s prominent image of Archangel Michael represents balance, light, and radiating positive energy. Listening to Deb outline the many symbols present in this card have sparked my interest in purchasing my own Rider-Waite deck. At the moment, I have an Osho Zen tarot card deck which has been with me for nearly 15 years and is still in pristine condition! If you currently work with the traditional Rider-Waite tarot cards, would you recommend them? Your thoughts and input are greatly appreciated!

Moving on to Manifestation!

It is commonly believed that the Universe gives us everything we ask for. While this may come as a shock as often our lives seem to be filled with stress, chaos, bad news, and so-on, realizing that you play a key role in what happens to you is critical to taking charge of your life. Writing down your goals, setting intentions for yourself, and creating a dream board are all proactive ways to steer your life into the direction you want. You will begin to not let life just happen to you, you will begin to intend things, circumstances, events, etc. to happen.

Simple visualization exercises are powerful in attracting what you want into your life. One technique I have now implemented is when I find myself in a situation where I have to wait around (say, before a dentist appointment, or while traveling on the bus), I use that time to daydream about the things I want as if they’ve already manifested. I resist the urge to use my cell phone and instead enjoy the silent, “do nothing” moments. I think positively about my desires and imagine them as being in my current reality. Doing this is actually quite fun and helps alleviate the boredom and frustration too often associated with having to wait around.

Deb and Samantha emphasize the importance of putting pen to paper and actually writing your dreams and goals on paper. The connection between mind and body movement profoundly sets the intention in yourself, affirming that, yes, your goals are important. As a writer, I always carry around at least one notebook to jot down my many thoughts throughout the day. One of my favorites is my “dream journal” which I use to write down my goals or intentions rather than my literal bedtime dreams.

Any small notebook with lined pages is perfect for keeping track of your dreams or desires. I purchased mine for a cool $5 in Marshall’s, yet you can find similar mini journals on Amazon. Deb mentions that you can enhance the energetic vibrations of your written desires by placing your journal on an altar or covering it with a green aventurine.

Seeing your goals laid out in pictures and images is one of the best ways to keep yourself on track. This is where manifesting boards or vision boards come into play. All you need is a piece of poster board, some old magazines, a pair of scissors, and glue. Take an hour or so to sit down, think about what you would like to see come to fruition in your life, and go through the magazines. Cut out any images that appeal to you and speak to your dreams. Arrange the cut-out images and words in a way that captivate you. This is a highly personal exercise so no need to ask anyone else for their opinions or judgements. When you complete your vision board, be sure to hang it or keep it in a prominent location where you are likely to see it every day. This will help remind you of your intentions.

It’s all about intention. 

As bibliophiles, the ladies always recommend a topic-related book. Samantha recommends reading Debbie Macomber’s Knit Together: Discover God’s Pattern for Your Life. Though the book has strong Christian themes, the message is fitting- we all have a deep longing or desire within us. This God-given desire is the purpose for our being here on Earth. Learning to trust your desires and follow through with your goals will ultimately help lead you to your higher purpose.

Thinking about your desires and putting proactive steps in place to achieve these desires should be thrilling and exciting. Allow yourself to be happy about your dreams and don’t deny yourself the feelings of wanting them to come true.

Path of the Peaceful Psychic

Bringing peace and tranquility into your life 

The topic of this week’s show couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. As a Master’s student, I am just two weeks away from my thesis deadline. Talk about anxiety! Not to mention, I am currently in the process of looking for a full-time job here in Cork. This process hasn’t been that easy considering many recruiters and employers are hesitant to hire foreigners in fear that staying long-term in Ireland isn’t on the horizon. While juggling all these feelings of pressure, fear of the unknown (and being broke!), and insecurity, adding some peace into my life is a much appreciated gift.

Each week the ladies begin the show by discussing an “animal of the week” and a “crystal of the week”. It is important to note that Samantha gets most of her information from two helpful sources:

Cassandra Eason’s Healing Crystals: An Illustrated Guide to 150 Crystals and Gemstones 

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall 

This week’s crystal is Prehnite (aka “The Healer Stone” and “The Prophecy stone”). It is usually faint lime green/yellow in color. This little stone possesses a multitude of powers. It is used to:

  • strengthen intuitive ability
  • create a sense of unconditional love
  • enhance the visualization process and aid in meditation
  • enhances inner-knowing
  • seals auric field in a protective shield of divine energy
  • enhances trust in the Universe and the soul
  • can assist those suffering from phobias or nightmares
  • increases ability to recall dreams

Whoa! Talk about a hardworking gem! While I don’t have prehnite in my collection just yet, I feel as though this would make a great addition my crystal menagerie.

As a pagan, Deb’s wisdom regarding messages from animal spirit and nature is unparalleled! She uses Jamie Sams’ and David Carson’s book as a reference.

This week’s animal is antelope, a graceful creature which embodies peace, balance, and centeredness. Antelope represents the notion of “knowledgable action” and connection to light. Antelope energy reminds us to possess the courage within us to act when needed. Calling upon the spirit of the antelope will enable you to feel the courage needed to take a positive course of action.

This message is personally significant for me since I find my anxious thoughts holding me back from undertaking certain pursuits. Too often I find myself paralyzed by fear of inferiority or “not enoughness” that I don’t even allow myself to act. For example, fear of rejection from job applications has kept me from being more courageous in my job search (i.e. calling recruiters first, applying for roles that I feel I “might be” unqualified for). However, by incorporating the lessons taught by antelope medicine, I have had a bit more confidence to call recruiters and speak with employers in person instead of simply doing online applications.

Furthermore, antelope energy reminds us that we are called to a higher purpose and to always do what is needed to preserve our personal powers. For me, this message emphasizes that I should pursue self-expression through writing. In the past, I was so fearful of criticism and critique that I kept most of my works to myself. I have started yet failed to complete many novels. There are several short stories waiting in file folders begging for completion. Harnessing antelope spirit has reminded me to act on my passion and not let baseless fears remain a hindrance.

“The fear of the unknown subsides once action begins.”

This week’s podcast teaches us that power resides within each of us, especially the power to create peace. Lately, we may have felt powerless as bad news seems to bombard us and the state of the world seems to be in turmoil. However, we have choices that dictate how we conduct our lives. For me, I choose to have my bedroom be a peaceful sanctuary, a serene place to unplug and regroup. Crystals adorn my window seal, the curtains are always open to allow natural light to beam in, and a calming color palette enhances feelings of zen.

As peace-seekers, it is important to discern the things in which we have control over. We may not be able to end all the suffering in the world. We can, however, act on being warriors of peace in our own lives. We can choose to smile and be silent when someone is rude to us. We can choose to do small acts of kindness for a stranger or a friend. We can choose to read a book or meditate rather than watch the news. Simple choices we make each day impact our lives in unimaginable ways. Even how we speak to ourselves (i.e. “self-talk”) is crucial to our level of inner joy and peace.

In this hectic world, with the chaos that is life, it helps to remind yourself:

I am okay. In this moment I am at peace. Everything will be fine. 

The ladies then guide us through several wonderful meditations. They also recommend reading the following books to further your spiritual and meditative practice:

Peace in Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Path to Tranquility: Daily Meditations by His Holiness the Dalai Lama (audio CD)

^^These can also be found at to get 1 month of free audible book downloads!

I am always grateful for the messages of love and light that these two wonderful women impart each and every week. What did you take away from this week’s episode? Share your thoughts in the comments section.