The Four Types of Empaths

COTW: Covellite

Working with covellite helps you connect to your Higher Self and find ways to transform your dreams into reality. This would be an ideal stone to incorporate into a crystal grid, especially with an intention of manifestation.

A powerful stone, covellite strengthens psychic ability and intuition as it opens and awakens the Third Eye chakra. It is said to increase clairvoyance, aid in astral travel, and promote lucid dreaming. Also known as the Medium’s Stone, covellite can help one connect to spirits and energy “behind the veil.”

Before diving into what the ladies notes as the four main types of empaths, it’s important to recognize the characteristic and traits often experienced by empaths (and determine if you are an empath as well):

4 types of Empaths:

Nature empath

A nature empath is someone who is sensitive to the natural world around them. They may feel drawn to certain areas, either a beach or mountains for example and feel as though their energy is heightened by being in these particular places. Nature empaths generally feel more at peace and balanced when connecting to the natural environment. It is not unusual for these people to seek out alone time outside in order to “recharge” or reconnect. Grounding, by walking barefoot on a grassy surface for instance, is a wonderful technique for nature empaths to balance their energies, especially if they have been stuck indoors in or a city for too long.

Animal empath

Have you ever known someone who was drawn to animals and animals always seemed to be drawn to him or her? Does it seem as though this person is able to speak to animals? These are common occurrences for animal empaths.

Physical empath

A physical empath can physical feel within their own bodies the aches and pains of those close to them. For example, if a coworker is complaining of a headache, an empath may begin to develop a headache. This phenomena is also prevalent in many mediums who may feel a physical pain from a spirit trying to relay a message of an illness or the manner in which he/she passed on.

Emotional/Intuitive empath

Being emotionally or intuitively empathic is very common among highly spiritual and enlightened individuals. By having trained and developed one’s intuitive abilities (by opening the 7 chakras, for example) allows one to be highly sensitive to the auric energy of those around them. While it may be comforting to be able to read and identify the emotions of others, it is imperative to prevent taking on too many negative emotions from others. As empaths are often predisposed to codependency as a way of always helping others, it is crucial to recognize when the helping transitions into being taken advantage of or victimized (which often happens when an empath is near/close to a narcissistic or egomaniac).