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Have you ever been walking along, lost in your thoughts, or struggling with a bad mood and suddenly stumble upon a radiant white feather placed perfectly in your path? In this moment you smile and realize the obscurity of coming across such a notable, seemingly out-of-place object. This feather brought your awareness into the moment. These occurrences are messages as there is spiritual meaning behind everything, as Paulo Coelho teaches us in The Alchemist. Spirit speaks to us whether we are open to listen or not. It is our job to be receptive to receiving these messages and deciphering the meaning.

Psychic Teachers

I was first introduced to this podcast through my brother’s girlfriend. She and I share a fondness for crystals, horoscopes, numerology, and all things metaphysical. As I was grieving the loss of my grandmother a few years ago, she introduced me to Deb Bowen and Samantha Fey‘s podcast psychicteachers. I immediately found comfort and solace listening to these two extraordinary women. The advice and insight provided each week on their show reaffirms that there is more to life than the physical realm in which most of us experience. Since discovering this podcast, I have been an avid listener and tune in each week to gain knowledge about each exciting topic they cover.


“Hey baby, what’s your sign?”

As cheesy as this 1970’s pick-up line may seem to some, for many metaphysical aficionados, understanding someone’s astrological sign is an important element in forming a social connection. I’ve always been fascinated by correlations of personality traits to particular star signs. As the characters of the zodiac developed in ancient civilizations, there is something to be said about the resilience of astrological study throughout the ages.


More than just “rocks”, crystals have metaphysical properties which may be utilized in a multitude of ways. I will discuss my personal experience using various crystals. Whether you’re an avid crystal collector or just getting started, understanding the powers your stones possess will add metaphysical strength into your life.


When opening up to the metaphysical, an exciting array of practices and customs await discovery along the spiritual path. From Reiki to past-life regressions, yoga to stargazing, and everything in between, this page will present information and fundamental insight into various metaphysical practices.