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Quirky, weird, eccentric, “off the cuff”

Do you consider yourself different? Have you viewed the world through a non-mainstream lense? Are you fascinated by other-earthly things such as the metaphysical properties of crystals, spiritual practices like yoga and meditation, and dream symbology? Would you consider yourself highly sensitive or empathetic, or perhaps that you don’t fit in to this world or this era? Allow this blog to be your spiritual playground, your platform for self-expression, free from bias and judgment.

This website is segmented into 4 categories that I’m hoping will appeal to a wide audience of black sheep and freethinkers. The < metaphysical > page will cover various spiritual topics from astrology, crystals, to reiki, and dream interpretation (to name a few!). I will also provide weekly updates and insight into one of my favorite and, arguably, one of the most important metaphysical podcasts: psychicteachers.

The < trending > page will discuss trending film documentaries and provide affiliate links, allowing you a chance to contribute to positive, impactful causes and social issues.

The < uplifted > page may cover a controversial topic for some, yet is intended to shed light on an important issue which will gain more notoriety in years to come. Marijuana (aka cannabis, weed, ganja, Mary-Jane) is a strong (albeit secret) passion of mine. In mainstream culture, displaying one’s affinity for this magical herb is still taboo and frowned upon. This blog intends to alleviate the stigma surrounding this plant and highlight its positive attributes. I will focus on marijuana’s medical and health benefits, along with the business opportunities and environmental impacts that cannabis can and will provide.

Finally, the < out of curiosity > page will present a random assortment of opinion articles. I will pose questions and queries and hope to gain feedback and comments from my readers. Do you agree with my ideas? Am I completely out of touch? Let me know! Let’s discuss.

Again, thank you for your support. It is my sincerest hope that through blckmeta we can build a community of spiritual warriors, free thinkers, and people who are not afraid to live out their truths and interests. Crystals aren’t scary. Marijuana isn’t dangerous. And your ideas are free! Seize them while you can!