As countries and subsequent governments in the western world are now beginning to turn their attention to cannabis and the potential legalisation of this plant for medicinal and recreational purposes, one marijuana-derived product is already making waves in the vaping industry.

CBD oil has become a popular product on Irish vape shop shelves since its legalisation in early 2017. Since its introduction into the market, vape shops and health stores alike have seen a surge in sales of this once-illegal substance. CBD (which stands for cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive component of the marijuana plant yet is supposedly said to deliver exceptional therapeutic health benefits. Unlike its high-inducing counterpart THC, CBD does not produce any euphoric high or stoned feeling (a comprehensive article on leafscience.com breaks down the scientific difference between the two compounds). Based off a quick internet search, proponents of CBD oil boast that it can be used to treat a wide array of ills ranging from anxiety to chronic pain. An in-depth article written by selfhacked.com notes that this proclaimed miracle product has also been known to:

Reduce inflammation

Relieve multiple sclerosis symptoms

Treat symptoms of schizophrenia

Alleviate feelings of nausea and increase appetite

Treat depression

…and much more!

While CBD may be used topically (i.e. directly applied to the skin/affected area of the body), orally ingested as a tincture or capsule, the benefits of CBD can be gained easily and effectively through vaping. Wanting to see what all the buzz is about, I purchased a 10mL bottle of 100-milligram strength blueberry flavoured CBD e-liquid. Conveniently, this product can be used in place of traditional nicotine e-liquids and simply inserted into the e-cigarette’s tank.

Although I’ve only been using this product for a week, I’ve noticed that I after a few hits of CBD oil I feel laid back. My once anxious mind becomes more mellow and I can approach a task or problem with a calmer, more level-headed perspective.  Its effects are subtle and soothing, not like the sudden impact of a joint toke (after all, CBD is non-psychoactive). The blueberry flavour is not overpowering, reminds me of the lingering taste after eating a blueberry muffin. While one doesn’t experience a high nor stoned feeling after vaping this product, I do notice that I become more relaxed and, for lack of a better word, chill.

As I thankfully do not suffer from any serious chronic health conditions, I cannot personally attest to CBD’s pain alleviating qualities. Perhaps, it could be used the next time I have a migraine (I’ll report back if/when this happens). Yet, countless online web reviews of CBD oil products show that a majority of its users have found much needed relief in treating their specific ailments. The common consensus is that CBD oil has had a profound positive effect in most of its users lives. Those dealing with extreme social anxiety marvel as to how, after using CBD oil, they are now able to cope easily in social situations and no longer face nervousness or panic attacks. I also found several reviews from people suffering with severe chronic pain who were prescribed serious pain meds such as OxyContin but switched to CBD oil as it provided the same, if not better, relief without the devastating side effects.

Although I am not a doctor and am in no way qualified to taut CBD oil as a miracle drug, I find these reviews to be very promising. It is nice to see nature being used on a broader scale to help treat various medical issues. There’s something to be said about the incorporation of holistic approaches to healthcare.

Having had nothing but a pleasant experience from using CBD oil, I’ll probably up the ante and try out the 200-milligram strength whenever I’m ready to purchase a new bottle.


Gemstone smoking pieces

The relationship between a cannabis smoker and his/her pipe is sacred. Most people I know are very protective and nurturing to their pieces. Treating their pipe with care, cleaning it regularly, keeping it in a safe place, and even ascribing it with a name.

As I currently live in Ireland, a nation which cherishes alcohol over any other substance, finding nice quality and good-looking pipes can be a difficult feat. Thankfully, the global shopping mall of the Internet provides wonderful options. Etsy is a great source for handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces. The American shop, “the crystal vibes” showcases a dazzling assortment of handmade smoking pieces made out of quality gemstones and crystals. Every goddess’s dream come true!

I have yet to order my own as I’m awaiting a reason to treat myself to such a beautiful item. The product reviews are excellent (the majority of respondents left 5 stars!). The prices are also reasonable (all products priced under $100), considering every piece is made-to-order and crafted by hand using top-quality crystals.

You can also check out the latest pieces added to the collection on the crystalv1bes Instagram!

Purple aura pipe

(Source: IG crystalv1bes)