The Tarot Archetypes Finished- Judgement and World

This week’s episode concludes the ladies’ discussion of various archetypes of Tarot. Each month, Samantha and Deb go in-depth discussing a card from the Major Arcana of the Rider Waite deck. The last and final cards of the series are keys 20 and 21, The Judgement and The World.

COTW: Green Aventurine

This stone was recently discussed in a #tbt episode. You can find the crystal’s information here! Samantha also explains that green aventurine can protect you from Energy Vampires, particularly those who are passive aggressive. Furthermore, green aventurine, along with fluorite, absorbs invisible magnetic energy emitted from our electronic devices. A dealer on Etsy hand makes and sells beautiful green aventurine cellphone cases which would be worth looking into if you’re worried about being inundated with “energetic smog.”

AOTW: Donkey (here’s a unique gift for the donkey fan in your life!)

Since antiquity, donkeys have been revered as intelligent, hardworking animals. The ancient Egyptians used this animal as the symbol for Ra, the Sun God. Metaphysically, these animals represent the ability to be versatile and remind us to be open-minded with our world views. Donkey energy also encourages us to be open for opportunities to learn and grow. Further, donkey medicine encourages us to work hard, believe in our endeavors, and keep the faith in ourselves.

Key 20 of the Waite-Rider deck, Judgement, Depicts Archangel Gabriel blowing his horn onto a group of nude people who appear to be emerging from coffins (creepy!). A solar cross (a representation of the equal balance between light and dark) is seen below his breast plate. Seven rays of light can be seen radiating from his golden trumpet. These represent the Word of God delivering hope and joy to humanity.

According to Deb (she gets her insights from this guidebook), this card represents the reawakening of nature under the influence of spirit. Namely, this card evokes the mystery surrounding birth and death.

The man seen rising from the “Tomb of World Beliefs” represents the consciousness while the woman depicts the subconscious. The children in the image represent the childlike, joyful energy we become when we reconnect with Spirit.

The power belongs to him he knows. And he who knows is then responsible. 

Overall, this card showcases “the fool’s” journey that through effort and suffering the secrets of life will be revealed. It is through physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges that our true selves are known. This is the card of self-realization. 

The 21st key of the tarot, is all about hope and promise. The card features a dancer wrapped in a scarf holding wands in both hands. She is standing in a position that makes her look like a right-side up triangle. This is the opposite position of the “hangman” key. She is surrounded by a wreath where the red ribbons appear to make the infinity symbol. In the corners, the representations of fire, air, earth, and water (the 4 elements) are seen. These signify the balance which is needed to support life.

Essentially, The World card signifies that “you are in a timeless state of grace and all is well.” Seeing this card in a tarot reading indicates that you are on the right path. Maintain faith and confidence that you are succeeding in your current goals.




The book of the week is The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene. You can download an audible version of this book using a free trial through This book explains how to wake up to your true calling and fearlessly go after your dreams. I am definitely downloading this ASAP. Can never have too much motivation/inspiration.