September Q & A

COTW: Fuchsite (aka green muscovite, “the Cinderella stone”)

A powerhouse stone, this crystal possesses a myriad of metaphysical benefits. One of fuchsite’s main jobs is to help those who are codependent and stuck in a victim-based situation. It teaches “chronic people pleasers” to stand in their own power.

Getting most of her information from Judy Hall’s The Crystal BibleSamantha explains that fuchsite can help us deal with issues of servitude from past and present lives and can assist in reversing a tendency towards martyrdom. This stone can therefor be used by those dealing with codependency issues, teaching you to say “no” when appropriate and recognize when you’re trying to constantly save someone else. Overall, fuchsite will assist in gaining assertiveness, self-worth, and acknowledge one’s own strength and power in relationships.

AOTW: Elephant

Representing gentleness, wisdom, strength, and connection to sacred feminine energy (as evident through elephants’ social structure and reliance of alpha females as group leaders). Elephants have been seen in many ancient cultures, notably the Hindu god Ganesha. Symbolically, seeing an elephant in a dream represents overcoming obstacles, particularly in relationships. Samantha also brings up the good point that elephant energy reminds us to reassess our fears. Common knowledge tells us that the large, mighty elephant’s biggest fear is the tiny, unassuming mouse. Be mindful that your fears are often largely amplified in your mind/imagination than they are in real life.

Listening to the ladies discussing the elephant is inspiring me to watch the lovely Disney classic DumboI must have been no older than five the last time I saw that movie. My only memory of it is that I was moved to tears. Why is it that movies that feature animals are the most emotional?

As with all of the Q&A shows, I recommend taking the time to listen to the full episode to see if any of the topics resonate with you.

The book of the week is The Interior Castle by Saint Terese of Avila. You can download an audible version of this book using a free trial through