Unsolved Mystery Show: Exploring Hy Brasil

This week’s episode focuses on strange phenomena resulting from extraterrestrial encounters and the mystifying “lost island” of Hy Brasil off the Irish coast. This subject matter is always very compelling as with most paranormal and spiritual topics, lost worlds and civilizations are always shrouded in mystery.

COTW: Labradorite (“The Bringer of Light”)

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this crystal. Upon first glance, the stone appears to be plain black in color. When light hits it, however, an enchanting iridescent blue color emerges.

Judy Hall, the reigning expert on the metaphysical properties of crystals, labradorite should be the ideal stone (either worn or carried) for intuitives and psychics as it has the ability to protect energy by strengthening one’s aura while simultaneously allowing energy to be open to receiving new information. This stone can powerfully raise our vibrations, enabling us to better connect with the metaphysical realm.

Additionally, labradorite is known to bring healing and comfort to empaths and is a great stone to use when overcoming pain from past lives. Meditating with a piece of labradorite on the third eye is always said to be a powerful experience. Working with labradorite can also:

  • assist with astral work
  • stimulates intuition and psychic gifts
  • helps bring messages from the unconscious to the surface
  • banishes insecurities
  • helps remove people’s projections that have been imprinted on your aura
  • bring positive, fun energy into the home
  • aid in dealing with changes in the workplace
  • inspire fiction writers, play writes, screenwriters, composers or anyone in the creative arts
  • reconnect psychics to their intuitive gifts and abilities
  • sleeping with labradorite under one’s pillow is said to bring about creative dreams

Labradorite can be properly cleansed and recharged when there is a rainbow in the sky. How cool is that?

AOTW: Bat (The birth of the old self and the rebirth of the new)

The cute and spooky quintessential October animal, bat, represents the concept of rebirth. The bat symbolizes being able to release and let go of old emotions, anger, resentments, past hurts, disappointments, etc. Seeing a bat in real life or an image of a bat delivers a reminder to release any negative emotions and feelings which do not serve in your best interest. Grow and become your future. 

While it may not be wise to get close to a wild bat, these bat wings would be the perfect costume for your pet. Perhaps a “cat-bat” can channel the same energies of rebirth and personal growth. In the very least, dressing up your pet in an adorable costume will bring a smile to your face.

Deb and Samantha then go on to tell the story of a possible extraterrestrial encounter in 1980. I encourage you to take the time to listen to this incredibly interesting story for yourself! If you have the slightest interest in UFOs or aliens (ancient astronaut theorists unite!), you will thoroughly enjoy this episode.

The book of the week is Atlantis and Other Lost Worlds by Frank Joseph. You can download an audible version of this book using a free trial through www.audibletrial.com/psychicteachers.