Manifesting Boards & Treasure Maps — Keys to Abundance

If you direct your life, the universe will follow.

On this week’s #tbt show, Deb and Samantha discuss various tools and shortcuts that can be used to manifest dreams and desires. We may all be familiar with the concept of “vision boards” or “goal books”. The ladies take a practical and optimistic approach to this practice and have reignited my interest in creating my own tools for manifestation.

This show originally aired at the beginning of 2011. As a new year signifies rebirth and starting fresh, it makes sense that creating a clear outline of one’s goals and dreams creates a positive structure for the upcoming months. Writing down goals and dreams is not limited to the start of a new year, however. It’s never the wrong time to make clear in your heart and in your mind of what you truly want. This #tbt episode was a great reminder for me to reassess my deepest desires and eliminate my limiting beliefs about receiving from the Universe.

The show begins with a quick meditation, a “crystal of the week,” and a “tarot of the week” where Deb discusses archetypes from the Major Arcana of the traditional Rider-Waite deck. The white light meditation, guided by Samantha’s soothing voice, establishes a cool sense of ease and calm. I enjoy how the ladies value finding peace and serenity throughout the day. I always treasure listening to their guided meditations, even while wandering through the city or taking the crowded bus.

The crystal discussed is Green Aventurine (aka “The Stone of Opportunity). This light green stone is easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Being that this is the stone of opportunity, it’s fitting to the show’s topic of manifesting. Green Aventurine has many wonderful metaphysical properties:

  • helps attract luck, love, and money
  • enhances abundance (financial prosperity)
  • known to bring good luck to gamblers! (this piece would be perfect to wear in a Vegas casino or classy Monaco venue)
  • the stone’s green hue correlates to the heart chakra so it will assist in healing any heart-related or emotional issues

Samantha advises that after acquiring a new stone, it is important to properly cleanse it as lingering energy from pasts owners, for example, will hinder the stone’s full energetic potential. There are several ways to clean and recharge a crystal:

  • Placing the stone under running water
  • Using one’s own calm, clearing breath
  • Setting your crystal out in the moonlight or sunlight
  • Leave your stone in a bowl of saltwater, rice, or sage
  • Spraying your crystal with a cleansing spray

Deb explains the meaning and the symbolism behind Key 14, the Temperance card of the Rider-Waite deck. Overall a very positive card, the card’s prominent image of Archangel Michael represents balance, light, and radiating positive energy. Listening to Deb outline the many symbols present in this card have sparked my interest in purchasing my own Rider-Waite deck. At the moment, I have an Osho Zen tarot card deck which has been with me for nearly 15 years and is still in pristine condition! If you currently work with the traditional Rider-Waite tarot cards, would you recommend them? Your thoughts and input are greatly appreciated!

Moving on to Manifestation!

It is commonly believed that the Universe gives us everything we ask for. While this may come as a shock as often our lives seem to be filled with stress, chaos, bad news, and so-on, realizing that you play a key role in what happens to you is critical to taking charge of your life. Writing down your goals, setting intentions for yourself, and creating a dream board are all proactive ways to steer your life into the direction you want. You will begin to not let life just happen to you, you will begin to intend things, circumstances, events, etc. to happen.

Simple visualization exercises are powerful in attracting what you want into your life. One technique I have now implemented is when I find myself in a situation where I have to wait around (say, before a dentist appointment, or while traveling on the bus), I use that time to daydream about the things I want as if they’ve already manifested. I resist the urge to use my cell phone and instead enjoy the silent, “do nothing” moments. I think positively about my desires and imagine them as being in my current reality. Doing this is actually quite fun and helps alleviate the boredom and frustration too often associated with having to wait around.

Deb and Samantha emphasize the importance of putting pen to paper and actually writing your dreams and goals on paper. The connection between mind and body movement profoundly sets the intention in yourself, affirming that, yes, your goals are important. As a writer, I always carry around at least one notebook to jot down my many thoughts throughout the day. One of my favorites is my “dream journal” which I use to write down my goals or intentions rather than my literal bedtime dreams.

Any small notebook with lined pages is perfect for keeping track of your dreams or desires. I purchased mine for a cool $5 in Marshall’s, yet you can find similar mini journals on Amazon. Deb mentions that you can enhance the energetic vibrations of your written desires by placing your journal on an altar or covering it with a green aventurine.

Seeing your goals laid out in pictures and images is one of the best ways to keep yourself on track. This is where manifesting boards or vision boards come into play. All you need is a piece of poster board, some old magazines, a pair of scissors, and glue. Take an hour or so to sit down, think about what you would like to see come to fruition in your life, and go through the magazines. Cut out any images that appeal to you and speak to your dreams. Arrange the cut-out images and words in a way that captivate you. This is a highly personal exercise so no need to ask anyone else for their opinions or judgements. When you complete your vision board, be sure to hang it or keep it in a prominent location where you are likely to see it every day. This will help remind you of your intentions.

It’s all about intention. 

As bibliophiles, the ladies always recommend a topic-related book. Samantha recommends reading Debbie Macomber’s Knit Together: Discover God’s Pattern for Your Life. Though the book has strong Christian themes, the message is fitting- we all have a deep longing or desire within us. This God-given desire is the purpose for our being here on Earth. Learning to trust your desires and follow through with your goals will ultimately help lead you to your higher purpose.

Thinking about your desires and putting proactive steps in place to achieve these desires should be thrilling and exciting. Allow yourself to be happy about your dreams and don’t deny yourself the feelings of wanting them to come true.