The History of Halloween

One of the most beloved holidays of the year, Halloween is usually a festive time enjoyed by millions around the globe complete with fun costumes, spooky tales, and the consumption of copious amounts of candy. However, the true origins of this tradition remain a mystery to most.

Halloween has its roots in Celtic tradition dating back over two thousand years to the festival known as Samhain. The people of ancient Celtic Ireland believed that the veil between the living world and the spirit world was thinnest during this time of year, thus allowing easier contact between the living and the dead. Deceased loved ones and ancestors were invited to return to the home to visit with living family members while malevolent spirits were warded off. Many believed that by wearing disguises, costumes, and masks, unwanted/harmful spirits were kept at bay. This is how the tradition of dressing up for Halloween has remained with us throughout the ages. Granted, I doubt an evil spirit would be warded off by someone dressed up as a sexy cat or Baywatch lifeguard.

In pagan tradition, Samhain marked the end of the Celtic year and the beginning of the new one, similar to New Year’s Eve. As explained by

The perceptible, and apparent, decline in the strength of the sun at this time of year was a source of anxiety for early man and the lighting of the Winter Fires here symbolised mans attempt to assist the sun on its journey across the skies. Fire is the earthly counterpart of the sun and is a powerful and appropriate symbol to express man’s helplessness in the face of the overwhelming sense of the decay of nature as the winter sets in.

Now the sun has descended into the realm of the underworld, the forces of the underworld were in the ascendency. The lord of the underworld, unfettered from the control of the sun, now walked the earth and with him travelled all those other creatures from the abode of the dead. Ghosts, fairies and a host of other non-descript creatures went with him. The Lord of the Dead in Celtic mythology can be identified as Donn.

The Psychic Teachers discuss The Thinning of the Veil in this week’s podcast. Deb, a practicing pagan, outlines her traditions for this holiday, including hosting a silent supper (“dumb supper”-where “dumb” refers to being silent) in which food is served to loved ones in the spirit world. This tradition is believed to honor those who have crossed over.

Do you notice the thinning of the veil during this time of year?

Awakening Your Third Eye

On this week’s episode, the Deb and Samantha discuss various techniques to tap into and open the third eye chakra- the space between the two eyebrows in the center of the forehead which is responsible for intuition and mediumship (this article also provides great methods). I found this discussion to be especially helpful as I am actively working on strengthening my psychic “muscle.”






COTW: Lapis Lazuli

Dating as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, this crystal was highly coveted as it promotes serenity while strengthening intuition. Usually a deep dark blue color with a hint of golden specks, Lapis Lazuli is the quintessential third eye chakra opener. Not only does this stone assist with clairvoyance, it resonates with the throat chakra and assists in heightening clairaudience as well. Because of it’s strong metaphysical properties, lapis aids in psychic work, promotes vivid, prophetic dreams, and enhances spiritual powers.

Meditating with lapis lazuli can assist you in uncovering your true purpose by stimulating your ability to intuitively read yourself. It helps you take charge of your life by revealing truths and underlying issues. This crystal also encourages self-expression, therefor may aid in releasing anger and other negative emotions which may be blocking your throat chakra.

AOTW: Wolf

Wolf represents the teacher as it is deeply connected to the unconscious and psychic wisdom. Wolf is also tied to moon energy. Those that are drawn to wolf energy and symbology are teachers in some capacity or are called to be teachers. Wolf also reminds us to be open to learn and to be the teacher in our own life. We are also reminded to seek out solitude and space just to be with our own company so that we may delve more deeply into the mysteries of life and ourselves.

The sixth chakra, third eye (aka brow chakra, ajna chakra, or guru chakra), is located directly between the two eye brows. It is from here that we transcend our duality, the door or gateway into the universe and “all that is.” It is connected to the pineal gland which rules sleep/wake cycles and melatonin production. To keep the pineal gland healthy it needs a balance of sunlight and complete darkness. This can be achieved by spending time outdoors while the sun is out, ideally being in sunlight for ten minutes or so (easier said than done, especially since I live in Ireland!) and sleeping in complete darkness (yay blackout curtains!).

The book of the week is The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness by Penney Peirce. You can download an audible version of this book using a free trial through




The Four Types of Empaths

COTW: Covellite

Working with covellite helps you connect to your Higher Self and find ways to transform your dreams into reality. This would be an ideal stone to incorporate into a crystal grid, especially with an intention of manifestation.

A powerful stone, covellite strengthens psychic ability and intuition as it opens and awakens the Third Eye chakra. It is said to increase clairvoyance, aid in astral travel, and promote lucid dreaming. Also known as the Medium’s Stone, covellite can help one connect to spirits and energy “behind the veil.”

Before diving into what the ladies notes as the four main types of empaths, it’s important to recognize the characteristic and traits often experienced by empaths (and determine if you are an empath as well):

4 types of Empaths:

Nature empath

A nature empath is someone who is sensitive to the natural world around them. They may feel drawn to certain areas, either a beach or mountains for example and feel as though their energy is heightened by being in these particular places. Nature empaths generally feel more at peace and balanced when connecting to the natural environment. It is not unusual for these people to seek out alone time outside in order to “recharge” or reconnect. Grounding, by walking barefoot on a grassy surface for instance, is a wonderful technique for nature empaths to balance their energies, especially if they have been stuck indoors in or a city for too long.

Animal empath

Have you ever known someone who was drawn to animals and animals always seemed to be drawn to him or her? Does it seem as though this person is able to speak to animals? These are common occurrences for animal empaths.

Physical empath

A physical empath can physical feel within their own bodies the aches and pains of those close to them. For example, if a coworker is complaining of a headache, an empath may begin to develop a headache. This phenomena is also prevalent in many mediums who may feel a physical pain from a spirit trying to relay a message of an illness or the manner in which he/she passed on.

Emotional/Intuitive empath

Being emotionally or intuitively empathic is very common among highly spiritual and enlightened individuals. By having trained and developed one’s intuitive abilities (by opening the 7 chakras, for example) allows one to be highly sensitive to the auric energy of those around them. While it may be comforting to be able to read and identify the emotions of others, it is imperative to prevent taking on too many negative emotions from others. As empaths are often predisposed to codependency as a way of always helping others, it is crucial to recognize when the helping transitions into being taken advantage of or victimized (which often happens when an empath is near/close to a narcissistic or egomaniac).

The breakdown before the breakthrough

Out of curiosity: 

Does one truly have to go through a dark night of the soul in order to grow?

Is change really that painful? 

So often in life, we have to work up the courage to be our own champion. Never have I felt that more than now. I guess you could say I’ve lead a pretty easy, sheltered life. Some may even say spoiled. I grew up in a tight-knit, loving family. I did well in school, got the high marks, finished Uni, and got a decent job.

I basically “gave it all away” when I packed up and moved to Ireland, leaving everything I knew behind, including a teaching job which I felt gave my life meaning. Within me, I knew that moving away and furthering my education was the right thing to do at that time. Yet, a year later, a feeling of regret lingers in my chest along with the proverbial “Did I do the right thing?” question floating around in my mind..

Regret is not an empowering feeling to say the least. I blame myself for being silly enough to throw the comforts of a stable job away, to move to a country where I feel like an outsider. And yes, at times I do feel lonely and homesick, especially when the sun doesn’t appear for days on end and I long for a few moments of Houston’s heat and humidity.

Last night, after spending an entire day indoors because of Hurricane Ophelia, my boyfriend and I were preparing for bed. He looked over and asked:

Is everything okay?

Me: Yeah, why?

Him: You honestly just seem a little down recently.

Me: I guess it’s just who I am. 

We ended up staying up the entire night talking (and me crying like a sap into a cup of tea). Understandably, he was concerned by my low mood and, in typical boyfriend form, tried to come up with ways to solve it. Perhaps I was feeling sad because I was stir crazy from staying in the house for so long because of bad weather. Maybe the lack of a “normal” 9 to 5 has me feeling unimportant. Or maybe, the metaphorical elephant in the room was my loss of direction in my life and feeling as though I have nothing to show for myself. Quite a heavy discussion topic for a Monday night, but my rock of a boyfriend gave me the chance to explain myself completely.

The truth is: The self-respect I’m so desperately searching for will not appear from outside sources. I cannot make other people, especially my boyfriend, responsible for my happiness. Additionally, I cannot let my memories of the past occupy too much headspace. As the saying goes, “comparison is the thief of joy.” Having spent so long comparing my life in Ireland now to what I had, did, etc. in Texas stole any chance I had on being content.

*Que the messy, ugly, emotional breakdown*

I’m shedding my perception of what makes me who I am. Without the labels (i.e. student, teacher, etc.) used to describe myself, I am left to define myself in new terms which is both liberating and terrifying. I’ve always had opportunities presented to me. I always knew my place, the role I had to play, the tasks I had to accomplish. Now I’m left with a blank page in front of me. Where do I go next? What should I do??

Each day is a chance to move forward. Though I may not have the clearest picture of where I hope to end up, fulfilling goals each day and being open to challenge myself are ways to fulfill my need for self-approval and dignity.

So, to answer the questions presented earlier:

Does one truly have to go through a dark night of the soul in order to grow? 


Is change really that painful? 


In closing, I am glad I shared my sadness and worries with my partner, and now I guess, the Internet community. Each day may be different, my mood may shift, yet I have to always remember that I have to experience the pain of uncertainty in order to grow and reach my full potential.



Unsolved Mystery Show: Exploring Hy Brasil

This week’s episode focuses on strange phenomena resulting from extraterrestrial encounters and the mystifying “lost island” of Hy Brasil off the Irish coast. This subject matter is always very compelling as with most paranormal and spiritual topics, lost worlds and civilizations are always shrouded in mystery.

COTW: Labradorite (“The Bringer of Light”)

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this crystal. Upon first glance, the stone appears to be plain black in color. When light hits it, however, an enchanting iridescent blue color emerges.

Judy Hall, the reigning expert on the metaphysical properties of crystals, labradorite should be the ideal stone (either worn or carried) for intuitives and psychics as it has the ability to protect energy by strengthening one’s aura while simultaneously allowing energy to be open to receiving new information. This stone can powerfully raise our vibrations, enabling us to better connect with the metaphysical realm.

Additionally, labradorite is known to bring healing and comfort to empaths and is a great stone to use when overcoming pain from past lives. Meditating with a piece of labradorite on the third eye is always said to be a powerful experience. Working with labradorite can also:

  • assist with astral work
  • stimulates intuition and psychic gifts
  • helps bring messages from the unconscious to the surface
  • banishes insecurities
  • helps remove people’s projections that have been imprinted on your aura
  • bring positive, fun energy into the home
  • aid in dealing with changes in the workplace
  • inspire fiction writers, play writes, screenwriters, composers or anyone in the creative arts
  • reconnect psychics to their intuitive gifts and abilities
  • sleeping with labradorite under one’s pillow is said to bring about creative dreams

Labradorite can be properly cleansed and recharged when there is a rainbow in the sky. How cool is that?

AOTW: Bat (The birth of the old self and the rebirth of the new)

The cute and spooky quintessential October animal, bat, represents the concept of rebirth. The bat symbolizes being able to release and let go of old emotions, anger, resentments, past hurts, disappointments, etc. Seeing a bat in real life or an image of a bat delivers a reminder to release any negative emotions and feelings which do not serve in your best interest. Grow and become your future. 

While it may not be wise to get close to a wild bat, these bat wings would be the perfect costume for your pet. Perhaps a “cat-bat” can channel the same energies of rebirth and personal growth. In the very least, dressing up your pet in an adorable costume will bring a smile to your face.

Deb and Samantha then go on to tell the story of a possible extraterrestrial encounter in 1980. I encourage you to take the time to listen to this incredibly interesting story for yourself! If you have the slightest interest in UFOs or aliens (ancient astronaut theorists unite!), you will thoroughly enjoy this episode.

The book of the week is Atlantis and Other Lost Worlds by Frank Joseph. You can download an audible version of this book using a free trial through


Five Baby Goats

By now it should come as no surprise that I frequently have very vivid and intense dreams. It’s almost as though I live in two different worlds: the “normal” world when I’m awake and a fun, animated dream world when I sleep. Because of this, I very much look forward to sleeping as I know I’m about to enter a new existential dimension.

Last night I had a very curious dream steeped in symbolism. I dreamt that I was boarding onto a boat, similar to the one used for casual riverboat tours. Accompanying me on my voyage were five baby goats (three female and two male, I believe). They were small, fragile, and delicate. I carried them in crates that looked almost like vintage cat carriers. I boarded the boat and was directed to sit in a section away from all the other passengers. There I sat with just myself and my five baby goats who simply slept in their crates. Very bizarre. I remember feeling as though I had to care for and protect them.

Being the inquisitive, spiritual-seeker that I am, I decided to look into the meaning behind the key symbols from that dream.


The setting of a dream is always important. Luckily, this dream was pretty straightforward as I specifically remember boarding onto a boat. Symbolically, a boat represents calling upon one’s intuition when navigating forward in life. Mainly, seeing a boat will bring about the question, “Where am I going?” I’m sure I’m not the only one dealing with thoughts, fears, and hopes for the future. As this being a main symbol in my dream, perhaps my subconscious is evoking my fears surrounding my future. Is this really the path I should be on? 


Besides being incredibly adorable, characteristically rambunctious, and overall goofy, goats are a favorite farmhouse animal because of their uncomplicated nature around other animals. Goats were one of the first animals to be domesticated over 10,000 years ago and have adapted to being in close company of humans. While social in nature, goats tend to graze alone. Symbolically, the goat represents a sense of independence. Coming across a goat in real life or the in a dream calls for self-reflection and learning to gain strength from one’s own abilities. Goat symbology teaches us that often the greatest lessons learned through self-discovery are learned alone. The main symbolic meanings associated with the goat totem are as follows:

  • Faith
  • Peace
  • Respect
  • Balance
  • Dignity
  • Exploration
  • Independence

In Shamanic belief, the sure-footedness exhibited by goats reminds us to be confident in ourselves as we strive to new heights. I couldn’t, however, find exact information on the symbolism of baby goats. This is left up for me to interpret. Perhaps, the baby goats represent my budding sense of independence as I move forward with freelance writing and building up this blog. I have chosen (for the time, and hopefully, indefinitely) to pursue a creative path which will result in self employment and freedom from a standard 9 to 5 career and cubicle lifestyle.

The number 5

If numerology teaches us anything, it’s that there is metaphysical power within numbers. Following my brief research, I have found that the number five is representative of several things:

  • 5 is known as a number of balance
  • According to, five “is the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers,” further noting, “The 5 is extremely independent in mind and soul. She is an adventurer and a risk-taker who has a hard time staying in one place, in one job, in one house or in one relationship.”

Talk about synchronicity! Not only does the goat symbolize freedom and independence, but the number 5 emphasizes this notion.

As I move further away from a conventional lifestyle (i.e. embracing spirituality) and learn to embrace my interests and gifts, I am beginning to develop a stronger sense of identity. Understandably, truly accepting who I am involves a journey towards independence- avoiding the fear of what other’s may think and being self-assured in my own path and uniqueness.

Here’s to springing forward with confidence and fearlessness.



So when I was younger, I always had this age in mind where I assumed adults had shit together…because they were “adults.” 30. When someone is 30, they have it all sussed out. They are GROWN. Well, younger self, you were a fucking idiot. I’m turning 30 next year and genuinely I haven’t a damn clue on how to function a solid 45% of the time. Maybe miraculously in the next year and month, everything will come together. I shall see the light. I shall be healed. But between you and me, I don’t see that happening. I spend a lot of time with bonafide “adults” according to the young-me scale. Let me tell you, a 60 year old has little to no better idea what in the actual fuck is going on than I do half the time…and that’s sort of alarming because they’re a DOUBLE adult. Things still scare them. They don’t feel like they’re acting their age, because in their minds, they’re still 20 or some shit. If you ask any certified adult, they’re probably going to tell you something similar. “Oh, yeah i’m 65 but I still feel 18.” SHUT UP, SUSAN. No. That’s not what I want to hear. You know why? Because that means we’re all in this uncertainty ship for the long haul. Will anyone ever figure it out? Are we all doomed to be like Bill Murray in Caddyshack where the Dalai Lama will grant us total consciousness on our death beds? DO WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR DEATH BEDS? Maybe there is power in embracing the uncertainty. That’s a thing people do, right? Sorry, I just got distracted writing this because I caught my reflection in my laptop screen and genuinely thought it was some kind of halloween decoration or something. I guess that is growing up.

I used to kind of rely on my youth as the crutch I needed to put off figuring everything out. “I’m 22. I’m young. I can wait.” Being frivolous wasn’t a big deal. It’s youth, baby! You can do whatever you want and write it off due to your age. Well, in the eternal words of Michael Scott on The Office, “my my how the turn tables.” I’m 28 now, almost 29. The bliss of youthful indifference and inactivity is gone. If someone asks you what you want to do with your life when you’re 22 and you say you don’t know, they usually will say something comforting along the lines of “you have plenty of time to figure it out! I didn’t know what I wanted to do either!” But when you’re 28, people don’t even ask what you WANT to do. They ask what you DO, as in it’s already happening. And when you reply back with some utter bullshit about being “in between” careers or “moving towards” something else, lemme tell you from experience that you don’t get the “you have plenty of time to figure it out” card. You get a alarmed look flash over their faces and then an “oh, that’s interesting” or, perhaps worse, the dreaded monotone “oh, wow.”

It’s a total privilege that I’m even able to have this conversation right now. I realize what an utter crock of shit it is that I’m even able to be 28 and “figuring it out.” A lot/most people don’t have that luxury of not figuring it out. It’s a life or death thing to figure it out. Survival. So I acknowledge that it’s really not a good look to not have it together on an adult level at age 28, almost 29. So as I seemingly rapidly approach my “Dirty 30,” I’m going to try to better myself. I want to enter my third decade on this planet with health, wealth, and happiness. I’m saying that here because if I actually put it out there then I’m accountable. If it’s published on the internet, then it has to be real, right? You can’t just put fake stuff online. So, here’s to figuring it out.

Cannabis conquers my migraine pain

I’ll never forget the moment cannabis entered the scene for me.

I was struggling with yet another migraine. Suffering in silence, laying in bed, clutching a wet washcloth to my forehead. The typical routine for me. I would have to wait several hours until the pain would pass as the three ibuprofen I had taken earlier had no pain-relieving effect at all. That’s how nasty these migraine episodes could be.

A friend of mine texted me, asking to hang out. I replied that I was seriously on my deathbed. This migraine would not subside. He wrote back that he was coming over anyway and that he had something that would help. Inquisitive, I told him to come over ASAP. I was hopeful that maybe he would supply me with a highly powerful pain reliever (prescription migraine pills are somehow easy to find, my mom’s coworker even supplied me Imitrex back in the day). And if anything, perhaps the company and laughter would cheer me up from my migraine-induced slump.

When he arrived at my place, he greeted me with a perfectly rolled joint. Perplexed, I asked him if he was serious.

“Serious as a heart attack,” he said smiling as he handed the spliff to my shaking hand (the excruciating pain from my migraines usually makes me tremble in pain, especially when I’m standing and attempting to live out a normal day).

I was not a pot smoker back then. I was, however, a social drinker, which in retrospect was kinda gross but normal. Most people in their late teens and early twenties partake in social drinking, accompanied by the several occasions of binge-drinking. Downing shots and sipping on vodka sodas (because they’re low-cal!) are all part of a normal life of a young professional. Somehow, as a society, we’ve allowed the copious consumption of toxic beverages to be the mainstay weekend activity. On the other hand, marijuana gets a bad rap for making people lazy. Someone who smokes is labeled a “stoner” while a drinker is considered a “social butterfly” or “party girl.” The discourse alone sways people’s opinion on this harmless plant.

Lighting up and taking a deep inhale into my lungs, I instantly felt the pain begin to dull. I relaxed, sitting on the sofa, and puffed away. Each inhalation drew the pain further away. I was able to sit up straight, something non-migraine sufferers don’t understand. When you’re entire head and face feel like they’re going to explode, merely sitting upright can be challenging.

Nausea and light sensitivity so commonly related to a migraine episode also began to dissipate. I was finally experiencing relief, all thanks to a plant which receives such unfair ridicule and subsequent illegality!

From that moment on, I have come to find solace and relief in cannabis. For me, it has worked wonders as far as pain relief and migraine symptom alleviation. The only downside, of course, is that many countries, states, whatever, do not consider marijuana to be a proper form of medication and it is therefore illegal. This causes issues in getting access to my medicine and forces me in a bind. I risk possible arrest and prosecution in procuring marijuana. I also have to put all my faith into a “drug dealer” to have access to it. I also cannot buy marijuana when I need it as it cannot be easily purchased. Overall, marijuana illegality is a pain (in the head, teehee).

Despite countless scientific studies and reports from leading researchers and peer-reviewed journals revealing the medicinal properties of marijuana (especially for migraine treatment), governments are slow to act. Under the guise of “protecting the public,” government officials are happy to approve dangerous pharmaceutical drugs which come with a hefty price tag and a long list of potential side effects.  It truly is baffling how backwards our judicial system is, especially when millions of people can benefit immensely from the legalization of this plant.

As apathetic as I am about corrupt government and greedy politicians (because if I think about it, I become enraged), I choose to live my life focused on positivity, health, and happiness. I believe that perhaps one day we will witness marijuana legalization across the globe. Until then, I will rely on my friendly “drug dealer” (who is actually a nice clean-cut, professional) and the curative powers of cannabis on my migraine pain. For now, I have to embrace being a “criminal.” At least I won’t be a prisoner to pain anymore.


*Sees “11:11” on the clock

“Make a wish!”

Where does this superstition come from? Does the number sequence 1111 really hold any spiritual or metaphysical significance?

As the Paulo Coelho taught us in his work The Alchemist, our everyday life is full of omens-signs from the Universe or higher power. As many spiritual gurus and freethinkers believe, numbers hold strong significance and meaning.

To begin this discussion, one must look at the big picture. It is understood that everything in life is made up of energy, nitty-gritty atoms (the building blocks of everything). From our bodies to the water we drink, the food we eat, and everything around us, energy is everywhere. The key element to realize, however, is that energy operates at various frequencies or vibrations.

Most of us cannot see angels, spirits, and other beings from “behind the veil” because the vibrational energy of these beings is much higher than ours. This is why when someone begins a path toward spiritual awakening and enlightenment, the phrase “raising your vibrations” is a common expression. By tuning in to one’s inner voice either through meditation or chakra work (such as Reiki), or participating in spiritual practices such as crystal collecting, yoga, card reading, just to name a few, the veil between the physical world and the ethereal world becomes thinner.

Which brings me back to omens. It is said that seeing certain numbers or objects (let’s say, a feather) fairly often shows that the Universe is trying to communicate with you. Specifically, the number sequence 1111, as with other repetitive number sequences, signifies a message from your guardian angels. Numerology teaches us that numbers hold vibrational energy. Renowned angel therapist Doreen Virtue explains that the number sequence 1111 holds the highest frequency and demonstrates a clear path to our angelic team.

This Willow Soul article also outlines 5 reasons why 11:11 keeps popping up in your life. For me, I routinely notice the time 11:11 every morning and every night. Each time I see it, I sense the excitement and connection with higher energy outside of myself. I’m grateful for the reminder that I am on a path towards spiritual awakening (as I am actively writing and maintaining a metaphysical blog). This numerical occurrence emphasizes that I am on the right path and I must stay true to my interests (no matter how bizarre or nonconforming they may be).

Even if you are not a firm believer in angels or fru-fru spiritual things (maybe one day you will be!), just making a wish at 11:11 is a great way to connect with the present moment, literally. Every superstitious ritual, including making a wish at a certain time, is steeped in spiritual importance. Take note of the next time you see the time 11:11 or even a sequence of repeating numbers pop up. Perhaps you will begin to tune in to the messages that the Universe is trying to communicate.

Harvest Moon

Tonight’s full moon (Thursday, October 5th), is sure to rev up your independent and courageous spirit! As the first full moon in Aries, the energy from this celestial event will encourage you to recognize the traits which make you feel confident, strong, and self-assured. A well-written article about tonight’s full Moon can be found on mindbodygreen.

The name Harvest Moon refers to when farmers would need to start gathering in the food in preparation for the lean winter months. Occasionally, they would do this by the light of the moon.

As this year’s autumn equinox is making a late appearance, tonight’s Harvest Moon is the first one to be seen in October in nearly ten years and the next one will occur only in 2020.

How to take advantage of the full moon energy:

#1: Give thanks

Deb from the Psychic Teachers explains that full moons remind us to be grateful. Having begun my gratitude journaling on my birthday, October 3rd, I intend on continuing my thank-you list to the Universe once the full moon is visible in the sky. By simply jotting down ten things for which you are grateful or making a clear mental acknowledgment of your blessings, you will feel a renewed sense of humbleness and appreciation.

#2: Charge your crystals

Lifestyle coach and spiritual guru Ashley Neese has a wonderful and thorough how-to guide on charging crystals with moonlight. I am simply laying out my crystals along the windowsill so that they can each take in the light from the Hunter’s Moon. Additionally, my hardest working stones (such as my go-to rose quartz and clear quartz which I usually carry with me) will be cleansed with sage smoke. My crystal menagerie is due for a lovely cleansing session.

#3: Connect with nature 

Sometimes there’s nothing more gratifying than a stroll on a cool, clear evening. Full moon nights only occur once a month, so take in the beauty of nature while getting some fresh air. Spend tonight outdoors rather than staring a screen.

Feel free to establish your own full moon ritual. Keep track of this year’s remaining full moon happenings by checking out the trusted Old Farmer’s Almanac.