Five Baby Goats

By now it should come as no surprise that I frequently have very vivid and intense dreams. It’s almost as though I live in two different worlds: the “normal” world when I’m awake and a fun, animated dream world when I sleep. Because of this, I very much look forward to sleeping as I know I’m about to enter a new existential dimension.

Last night I had a very curious dream steeped in symbolism. I dreamt that I was boarding onto a boat, similar to the one used for casual riverboat tours. Accompanying me on my voyage were five baby goats (three female and two male, I believe). They were small, fragile, and delicate. I carried them in crates that looked almost like vintage cat carriers. I boarded the boat and was directed to sit in a section away from all the other passengers. There I sat with just myself and my five baby goats who simply slept in their crates. Very bizarre. I remember feeling as though I had to care for and protect them.

Being the inquisitive, spiritual-seeker that I am, I decided to look into the meaning behind the key symbols from that dream.


The setting of a dream is always important. Luckily, this dream was pretty straightforward as I specifically remember boarding onto a boat. Symbolically, a boat represents calling upon one’s intuition when navigating forward in life. Mainly, seeing a boat will bring about the question, “Where am I going?” I’m sure I’m not the only one dealing with thoughts, fears, and hopes for the future. As this being a main symbol in my dream, perhaps my subconscious is evoking my fears surrounding my future. Is this really the path I should be on? 


Besides being incredibly adorable, characteristically rambunctious, and overall goofy, goats are a favorite farmhouse animal because of their uncomplicated nature around other animals. Goats were one of the first animals to be domesticated over 10,000 years ago and have adapted to being in close company of humans. While social in nature, goats tend to graze alone. Symbolically, the goat represents a sense of independence. Coming across a goat in real life or the in a dream calls for self-reflection and learning to gain strength from one’s own abilities. Goat symbology teaches us that often the greatest lessons learned through self-discovery are learned alone. The main symbolic meanings associated with the goat totem are as follows:

  • Faith
  • Peace
  • Respect
  • Balance
  • Dignity
  • Exploration
  • Independence

In Shamanic belief, the sure-footedness exhibited by goats reminds us to be confident in ourselves as we strive to new heights. I couldn’t, however, find exact information on the symbolism of baby goats. This is left up for me to interpret. Perhaps, the baby goats represent my budding sense of independence as I move forward with freelance writing and building up this blog. I have chosen (for the time, and hopefully, indefinitely) to pursue a creative path which will result in self employment and freedom from a standard 9 to 5 career and cubicle lifestyle.

The number 5

If numerology teaches us anything, it’s that there is metaphysical power within numbers. Following my brief research, I have found that the number five is representative of several things:

  • 5 is known as a number of balance
  • According to, five “is the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers,” further noting, “The 5 is extremely independent in mind and soul. She is an adventurer and a risk-taker who has a hard time staying in one place, in one job, in one house or in one relationship.”

Talk about synchronicity! Not only does the goat symbolize freedom and independence, but the number 5 emphasizes this notion.

As I move further away from a conventional lifestyle (i.e. embracing spirituality) and learn to embrace my interests and gifts, I am beginning to develop a stronger sense of identity. Understandably, truly accepting who I am involves a journey towards independence- avoiding the fear of what other’s may think and being self-assured in my own path and uniqueness.

Here’s to springing forward with confidence and fearlessness.