Harvest Moon

Tonight’s full moon (Thursday, October 5th), is sure to rev up your independent and courageous spirit! As the first full moon in Aries, the energy from this celestial event will encourage you to recognize the traits which make you feel confident, strong, and self-assured. A well-written article about tonight’s full Moon can be found on mindbodygreen.

The name Harvest Moon refers to when farmers would need to start gathering in the food in preparation for the lean winter months. Occasionally, they would do this by the light of the moon.

As this year’s autumn equinox is making a late appearance, tonight’s Harvest Moon is the first one to be seen in October in nearly ten years and the next one will occur only in 2020.

How to take advantage of the full moon energy:

#1: Give thanks

Deb from the Psychic Teachers explains that full moons remind us to be grateful. Having begun my gratitude journaling on my birthday, October 3rd, I intend on continuing my thank-you list to the Universe once the full moon is visible in the sky. By simply jotting down ten things for which you are grateful or making a clear mental acknowledgment of your blessings, you will feel a renewed sense of humbleness and appreciation.

#2: Charge your crystals

Lifestyle coach and spiritual guru Ashley Neese has a wonderful and thorough how-to guide on charging crystals with moonlight. I am simply laying out my crystals along the windowsill so that they can each take in the light from the Hunter’s Moon. Additionally, my hardest working stones (such as my go-to rose quartz and clear quartz which I usually carry with me) will be cleansed with sage smoke. My crystal menagerie is due for a lovely cleansing session.

#3: Connect with nature 

Sometimes there’s nothing more gratifying than a stroll on a cool, clear evening. Full moon nights only occur once a month, so take in the beauty of nature while getting some fresh air. Spend tonight outdoors rather than staring a screen.

Feel free to establish your own full moon ritual. Keep track of this year’s remaining full moon happenings by checking out the trusted Old Farmer’s Almanac.