Courageous Carnelian

Today was a big day for me. I had my third and final interview for a marketing job with a prestigious company. I would be meeting the head of the company and explain why I would be the perfect fit for the role. Besides the standard meet-and-greet, I had to prepare a twenty-minute presentation to showcase my knowledge of the industry.

True to my worker bee ethic, I began researching and preparing for this meeting nearly a week in advance. Despite numerous hours of work and preparation, I felt as though I needed a little confidence boost to get me through. Browsing through my crystal collection, I was instantly drawn to my beautiful tumbled piece of carnelian. The stone’s appearance is joyful and energetic. Its orange hue along with specks of red and black throughout this gives off a playful impression. I placed my crystal companion in my work bag and headed out with a bit more confidence and enthusiasm in my step.

(The orange color is a bit faded since my crystal primarily “lives” on my fireplace mantel near a window. Sunlight can cause fading in certain stones. It turns out that Ireland does get sun from time to time!)

Metaphysical properties of carnelian:

As part of the quartz family of stones, carnelian is used primarily to promote motivation, clarification, action, and courage. Its alias is the “Singer Stone” as it aids in clear communication and helps timid speakers become both eloquent and bold. This came in especially handy today as I experienced quite the technical conundrum in my interview. My PowerPoint would not load, no matter how we attempted to upload it. While technical difficulties would be a nightmare in most interview scenarios, I easily recited my presentation by memory and gave a thorough, well-executed presentation. Those in attendance were quite pleased with my performance and I help elated when it was finished. After receiving high reviews and many “well done’s” from the marketing team, I left my interview with a sense of certainty and encouragement.

Shortly thereafter, while commuting from my interview, I received a phone call from my headhunter. In an enthusiastic tone, she explained that after speaking with the head of marketing that they were very pleased with my presentation, despite the lack of Powerpoint. While nothing compares to earnest hard work and preparation, I must say having the little carnelian with me may have amped up my presenting skills. I should find out in the following days whether or not I got the job. Fingers crossed!!


Do you have a go-to crystal when you have a big presentation or an important event to attend? How do you spiritually prepare yourself for big moments?