Libra season

Libra season officially kicked off on September 23rd, and I must admit, I’ve already noticed the positive shift in energy. As a Libra myself, I thrive on the happy, joyful power of my astrological sign.

It may be a personal qualm, yet I have never truly connected nor gotten along completely with most Virgo people. I find Virgo energy to be a bit too uptight, too orderly, strict and at times, very boring. Most of September felt like a struggle for me as I worked towards finding an appropriate job (which required many interviews, countless hours of prep work, etc.) and sorting out a pending legal case. During this time I had to stay organized, remain focused, and tap into the more “serious side” of my personality to pull through. Almost miraculously, following the transitioned over into Libra season, I felt a metaphorical weight of negativity lift from my shoulders. My legal case settled and finalized. My job search finally manifested into a great job opportunity. I am beginning my first day of training today!

Selfishly, I very much appreciate Libras, as they possess positive attributes mostly focused on maintaining peace, beauty, and harmony. Innate diplomats, Libras are adverse to fighting, arguments, tension, and awkward social situations in general. Personally, this trait resonates strongly with me as I am very sensitive to negative vibes in a social setting. Thankfully, as I grow older, I am actively selecting which situations I choose to engage in. My naive Libra-self typically would attempt to be friends with everyone, believing that there is good within everyone. While I do believe that everyone has positive qualities, I’ve learned it’s not worth sacrificing one’s personality, happiness, or self-worth attempting to fit in or be liked.

A negative aspect of being a Libra is that pleasing others is a priority before tending to one’s own needs. Throughout October, I am going to work on turning some of that quintessential Libra energy of balance, laid-backness, and kindness towards myself. I intend on becoming my biggest fan and finding ways to enhance my self-confidence. As I take in the good vibes I have felt throughout the past week; I am confident that this astrological season has wonderful gifts in store.