August Q & A

The Q & A episodes are always my favorites! Deb and Samantha respond to questions sent in by their listeners (which can be submitted via email at or through their Facebook page). The topics are varied and expansive, covering everything from astrology to haunted homes to everything in between. It’s so thrilling to hear the ladies’ wisdom and insight into everything metaphysical and spiritual. Their knowledge is unmatched!

As with every episode, the ladies begin with a quick overview of a “crystal of the week” (COTW) and an “animal of the week” (AOTW).

COTW*: Hematite

*While not to be truly classified as a crystal, hematite is actually an iron oxide mineral 

A very powerful and protective stone, Hematite (aka “The Stone for the Mind”) is my go-to metaphysical armor. As dark hued stones are revered for their protective qualities, hematite is the quintessential psychic protection piece. It enhances feelings of groundedness and connection to the Earth, stabilizing your emotions. This is important, especially when in a situation where your feelings are in flux (such as dealing with a difficult person).

If you are highly sensitive or empathic, this stone will help shield your aura from negative energies. I recently gifted a beautiful piece of hematite to my mother to guard her new home and protect her sacred home space. It can also be worn in a bracelet on the left wrist to create a protective barrier for your auric field.

AOTW: Octopus

While creatures of the sea don’t immediately pop into my mind when I think of animals, I have to admit; there’s is something fascinating about the brilliant octopus. Incredibly clever, agile, and quick, the octopus reminds us to be flexible. We should remember that we don’t have to feel obligated or connected to people or situations which do not serve us. Octopus represents that idea of free choice and being able to go in your own direction. The gift octopus gives us is the knowing that:

Whatever has happened to you in your life, there is the possibility of healing. 

The show is filled with thoughtful questions and sharp insight. I recommend taking the time to listen to the full Q & A episode to see if any of the topics resonate with you.

The book of the week is Mary Stewart’s Rose Cottage. You can download an audible version of this book using a free trial through

Hurricane Harvey

My hometown of Houston has been completely devastated by the latest hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast. The heartbreaking images of all the many families who have lost their homes and all their possessions, familiar landmarks under feet of flood water, stranded animals searching desperately for higher ground all fill me with sadness and hopelessness.

The Bayou City is no stranger to natural phenomena, from droughts, annual flooding from heaven season thunderstorms, hot summer days, and even mass amounts of pesky mosquitos, Houstonians are a tough and resilient group of people. We are accustomed to dealing with tropical storms and hurricanes. We revel in how we were able to bounce back after Rita and Ike. This time, things went differently. Harvey exceeded our worst fears.

Nature can be terrifyingly destructive.

The development of this storm from a tropical storm to Category 4 hurricane was an eery foreshadowing of the damage Harvey was sure to inflict. Watching from the safety of my Irish home, the sheer size of the storm as it approached the Texas coast terrified me.

The name “Harvey” holds significant meaning. Derived from the French name Herve, Harvey means “battle worthy” or “battle warrior.” Though one would commonly picture a man with the name to be a laid-back, Hawaiian shirt clad, middle-aged dude you’d like to share a beer and a chat with, Hurricane Harvey lived up to the combative nature of the moniker. The storm battled the Texas coastline, leaving cities devastated in his wake.

Symbolically, natural disasters do carry a lot of metaphysical meaning. As hurricanes are essentially a cyclone of low-pressure and high speed winds, the winds reflect uncontrollable forces, a sense of unpredictability and instability. Because of the utter power, size, unpredictability, and ability to inflict mass destruction, hurricanes remind us of the unmatched power of nature. Nature can seem cruel and senseless. Traumatic natural disasters never take into account the toll on human life, the pain left in the aftermath.

Besides the wind, Harvey brought an incomparable amount of rainfall. The rain levels Houston experienced was record-breaking. For a large, heavily populated urban area, surrounded by bayous and ravines, flooding was imminent. This storm has literally created havoc, environmental destruction. The flood waters still remain, having transformed city streets into urban canal-like waterways. Metaphysically, water represents the flow of the collective mind – the collective unconscious. Seems poignant that one of the country’s largest metropolitan areas would suffer such terrible flooding during such a tumultuous social and political time. The battle of political ideologies and the subsequent social battles of race, sexual-orientation, gender, and so on have been plaguing the nation for many months now.

For me, the arrival of this disaster during such a contentious political time symbolizes the unchecked feelings, emotions, hatred which had accumulated and had to be released- even in such a horrific way. Harvey dumping trillions of gallons of rain water metaphysically signify the pain the American people have been carrying within. As water is used for baptismal ceremonies, the heavy rain seems to have been a means of washing away the dark, toxic energy that the American people have been subject to given the recent combative political climate.

{Human}Nature can be astonishingly beautiful.

Amid the damage, destruction, and heartbreak left in Harvey’s aftermath, scenes of unparalleled kindness and goodwill reflect the true human spirit of Houston. Everyone has answered the call to help their neighbors, to lend a helping hand, to volunteer, to donate. The way everyone has come together is remarkable. The true acts of kindness and heroism displayed truly showcase the unbreakable connection Houstonians share for each other.

The positive message to learn from this event is that the human spirit can overcome. We can find hope in even the most dire situations. It’s heartwarming to know that the recent headlines are those of people helping one another, not deranged individuals spouting their hateful rhetoric trying to divide us.

I am proud to call Houston my hometown. I am grateful for the love and support Houstonians have shown throughout this trying time. I have faith that everyone will come together and work towards a brighter, compassionate future.

Manifesting Boards & Treasure Maps — Keys to Abundance

If you direct your life, the universe will follow.

On this week’s #tbt show, Deb and Samantha discuss various tools and shortcuts that can be used to manifest dreams and desires. We may all be familiar with the concept of “vision boards” or “goal books”. The ladies take a practical and optimistic approach to this practice and have reignited my interest in creating my own tools for manifestation.

This show originally aired at the beginning of 2011. As a new year signifies rebirth and starting fresh, it makes sense that creating a clear outline of one’s goals and dreams creates a positive structure for the upcoming months. Writing down goals and dreams is not limited to the start of a new year, however. It’s never the wrong time to make clear in your heart and in your mind of what you truly want. This #tbt episode was a great reminder for me to reassess my deepest desires and eliminate my limiting beliefs about receiving from the Universe.

The show begins with a quick meditation, a “crystal of the week,” and a “tarot of the week” where Deb discusses archetypes from the Major Arcana of the traditional Rider-Waite deck. The white light meditation, guided by Samantha’s soothing voice, establishes a cool sense of ease and calm. I enjoy how the ladies value finding peace and serenity throughout the day. I always treasure listening to their guided meditations, even while wandering through the city or taking the crowded bus.

The crystal discussed is Green Aventurine (aka “The Stone of Opportunity). This light green stone is easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Being that this is the stone of opportunity, it’s fitting to the show’s topic of manifesting. Green Aventurine has many wonderful metaphysical properties:

  • helps attract luck, love, and money
  • enhances abundance (financial prosperity)
  • known to bring good luck to gamblers! (this piece would be perfect to wear in a Vegas casino or classy Monaco venue)
  • the stone’s green hue correlates to the heart chakra so it will assist in healing any heart-related or emotional issues

Samantha advises that after acquiring a new stone, it is important to properly cleanse it as lingering energy from pasts owners, for example, will hinder the stone’s full energetic potential. There are several ways to clean and recharge a crystal:

  • Placing the stone under running water
  • Using one’s own calm, clearing breath
  • Setting your crystal out in the moonlight or sunlight
  • Leave your stone in a bowl of saltwater, rice, or sage
  • Spraying your crystal with a cleansing spray

Deb explains the meaning and the symbolism behind Key 14, the Temperance card of the Rider-Waite deck. Overall a very positive card, the card’s prominent image of Archangel Michael represents balance, light, and radiating positive energy. Listening to Deb outline the many symbols present in this card have sparked my interest in purchasing my own Rider-Waite deck. At the moment, I have an Osho Zen tarot card deck which has been with me for nearly 15 years and is still in pristine condition! If you currently work with the traditional Rider-Waite tarot cards, would you recommend them? Your thoughts and input are greatly appreciated!

Moving on to Manifestation!

It is commonly believed that the Universe gives us everything we ask for. While this may come as a shock as often our lives seem to be filled with stress, chaos, bad news, and so-on, realizing that you play a key role in what happens to you is critical to taking charge of your life. Writing down your goals, setting intentions for yourself, and creating a dream board are all proactive ways to steer your life into the direction you want. You will begin to not let life just happen to you, you will begin to intend things, circumstances, events, etc. to happen.

Simple visualization exercises are powerful in attracting what you want into your life. One technique I have now implemented is when I find myself in a situation where I have to wait around (say, before a dentist appointment, or while traveling on the bus), I use that time to daydream about the things I want as if they’ve already manifested. I resist the urge to use my cell phone and instead enjoy the silent, “do nothing” moments. I think positively about my desires and imagine them as being in my current reality. Doing this is actually quite fun and helps alleviate the boredom and frustration too often associated with having to wait around.

Deb and Samantha emphasize the importance of putting pen to paper and actually writing your dreams and goals on paper. The connection between mind and body movement profoundly sets the intention in yourself, affirming that, yes, your goals are important. As a writer, I always carry around at least one notebook to jot down my many thoughts throughout the day. One of my favorites is my “dream journal” which I use to write down my goals or intentions rather than my literal bedtime dreams.

Any small notebook with lined pages is perfect for keeping track of your dreams or desires. I purchased mine for a cool $5 in Marshall’s, yet you can find similar mini journals on Amazon. Deb mentions that you can enhance the energetic vibrations of your written desires by placing your journal on an altar or covering it with a green aventurine.

Seeing your goals laid out in pictures and images is one of the best ways to keep yourself on track. This is where manifesting boards or vision boards come into play. All you need is a piece of poster board, some old magazines, a pair of scissors, and glue. Take an hour or so to sit down, think about what you would like to see come to fruition in your life, and go through the magazines. Cut out any images that appeal to you and speak to your dreams. Arrange the cut-out images and words in a way that captivate you. This is a highly personal exercise so no need to ask anyone else for their opinions or judgements. When you complete your vision board, be sure to hang it or keep it in a prominent location where you are likely to see it every day. This will help remind you of your intentions.

It’s all about intention. 

As bibliophiles, the ladies always recommend a topic-related book. Samantha recommends reading Debbie Macomber’s Knit Together: Discover God’s Pattern for Your Life. Though the book has strong Christian themes, the message is fitting- we all have a deep longing or desire within us. This God-given desire is the purpose for our being here on Earth. Learning to trust your desires and follow through with your goals will ultimately help lead you to your higher purpose.

Thinking about your desires and putting proactive steps in place to achieve these desires should be thrilling and exciting. Allow yourself to be happy about your dreams and don’t deny yourself the feelings of wanting them to come true.

The War on Drugs = A War on People

A friend of mine recently recommended that I watch a documentary. “The House I Live In”, released in 2008, shows the history of and insight into America’s War on Drugs and its significant impacts on society. Through the utilization of multiple perspectives from law enforcement officers, drug users, prisoners, families, and professors, it is clear to see how far reaching this fruitless campaign has affected the U.S.

Through the increased militarization of police forces, extremely harsh (and racially-targeted and poverty-focused) sentencing practices, and widespread fear mongering perpetuated by politicians, America has earned the title as the “Prison Capital of the World.”

Take the time to watch “The House I Live In” for yourself. Perhaps this will begin to shed light on a fundamental issue that is crippling America from within.


Stargazing (or more eloquently known as amateur astronomy) is a fascinating, inexpensive hobby. What you need:

  • A dark environment free from light pollution (stars can be visible in Cork despite it being a city!)
  • Your eyes! (no need for a fancy telescope)
  • Preferably: a partner or friend to share the experience with
  • Bonus: the “Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day” app. It’s a cool $2.99 and works wonderfully, identify different constellations and stars. Also, the app provides brief details over the constellations you scan over. Pretty neat!

While gazing into the dark abyss of space, you realize just how small you truly are. You’ll experience a sense of connection as you notice that you are a part of the large, complex, mostly unknown cosmos. The faint twinkling of stars and planets many millions of light years away emphasises the sheer magnitude of the Universe. It is in these moments that stargazing can be all at once a thrilling, emotionally-moving, profound and existential experience.

As more and more of you probably live in or near a city, stargazing can be a difficult feat. City lights blind our ability to enjoy a dazzling night sky. Lately, vacationers have been traveling to remote destinations that offer a chance to embrace a starry night.

How often do you enjoy the beauty of our cosmos? Has it been too long since you’ve actually relaxed, sat back, and stargazed?


A Pain Unmatched

From a young age, around 5 or 6 years old, I began experiencing my first headaches. I vividly remember lying huddled on the bathroom floor, my mother beside me stroking my hair as I cried in agonizing pain. My forehead was throbbing, a dull stabbing pain wrenching behind my eyes, I was too dizzy and nauseous to stand up. The only time I would sit up straight would be to vomit. These headache episodes occurred about once or twice every month.

Obviously, my parents were thoroughly concerned to witness their young child experience so much pain and on such a frequent basis. I remember that during one of my first painful episodes, my parents rushed me to the emergency room. The doctors could not offer any explanations and instructed my folks to give me Ibuprofen to deal with the pain, in upwards of four pills at a time!

Through his own research, my father uncovered that I was, in fact, suffering from migraines. As we were unaware of the causes, we adopted methods to address the symptoms. My mother hung up black-out curtains in my room to deal with the extreme light-sensitivity that plague migraine sufferers. The pantry was always stocked with a jumbo-sized bottle of Ibuprofen. And, if my migraines were very severe, a bucket would be placed beside my bed so that I wouldn’t have to spend the night next to the toilet.

As it was the beginning of the Internet age, my father’s novice medical research skills were put to the test. He advised me to begin tracking any triggers so we could start pinpointing causes. I was given a small notebook to use as a “migraine diary”. Through this method, we were able to uncover a bit of a pattern. I usually felt a headache creeping in while at school, usually after lunch. Often, I would arrive home from school after riding the school bus and begin sensing a migraine develop.

My father theorized that perhaps my eyesight was the culprit, perhaps from straining to read the chalkboard in class, and took me to see several optometrists. After a few eye tests, I was deemed to have perfect vision and well-functioning eye muscles. Back to the drawing board.

Jacksonville, Florida, our city of residence at the time, is known for it’s hot, humid weather. Despite the moniker of the “Sunshine State,” thunderstorms and rain showers are frequent. As I began tracking my triggers, a correlation between weather and my migraines began to become evident. Low pressure from storm systems can affect those susceptible to migraines. The medical community has now begun to recognize this alignment and has aptly named it the Barometric Pressure Migraine.

However, this medical discovery was not made nor discussed in the early 1990’s, and I still experienced excruciating pain before a thunderstorm. My parents continued to be my biggest advocates, taking me to see brain specialists and allergists. Following a CT scan, it was revealed that my sinus cavities were a bit large for someone my age. Despite this discovery, the doctors informed us that there was nothing they could do and that perhaps, as I grew older, I would “grow into my sinuses.” The Ibuprofen would remain a staple good in our household throughout my childhood.

Fast forward to adulthood ———————-> I am in my early 20’s and still deal with migraines on a monthly basis. Living in Houston, Texas, the weather is very similar to Jacksonville. Hot temperatures and high humidity create the perfect environment for frequent thunderstorms. In anticipation for the hours of upcoming pain, I was always prepared by having cold bottles of water in the fridge, blackout curtains hanging in the bedroom, and an aromatherapy eye mask at the ready. Suffering in pain (as the years of taking OTC headache medication negated any pain relieving effect), I would pray for the migraine to subside. The pain was crippling, debilitating. After years of anguish, I began to accept my fate. Migraines would be an inevitable part of my life. No drug could alleviate the pain.


Why do some people get pets when they can’t properly care for them?

Possibly the only uplifting thing (besides this blog teehee) on the Internet these days are memes or videos featuring dogs and cats. These adorable animals melt our hearts with their fluffy faces, their silly antics, and their ability to quickly become our best friends!

However, often people adopt or buy pets and become either overwhelmed or are too lazy to properly care for them. Throughout my lifetime I have witnessed and experienced neighbors adopting a dog or cat and eventually treating their animal with complete disinterest which leads to neglect.

As a child growing up in Florida, I remember our next-door neighbor leaving their poor dog tied to a tree in their backyard. Alone for hours on end, with the only interaction being a daily delivery of food in his dish, the little dog would whimper in misery. My mother, being the strong willed woman that she is, swiftly took action and wrote her dissidence in a note which she posted on his front door. When that neighbor failed to take action and care for his pet, my mother took the next step and contacted a local animal welfare group. I’ll never forget the feeling of justice we as a family felt when the dog was seized by animal protective services. Though technically leaving a pet outside tied to a tree to live out its life isn’t considered animal cruelty, the fact that the dog was severely underweight was cause enough to have it removed from our neighbor’s property.

As the years went by, I have encountered more experiences of people failing to properly care for their pets. Owners are leaving dogs in cramped cages while they are away at work for 10+ hours each day. Cats being left outside to fend for themselves and brave the elements. How can people be so careless, irresponsible, and heartless?

I am writing this post because I am genuinely appalled by how common animal neglect is. Recently, my next-door neighbors got a cute terrier mix puppy. While one would be happy for a new addition to the family, my neighbors only interact with their new pet by screaming at it to “SHUT UP!” This is because the poor little dog is locked outside in the backyard in a makeshift crate. He whimpers hours on end for some attention and has even started banging his food dishes around to create a ruckus.

What can be done to combat this heartbreaking issue? Animals are not soulless beings. They are sensitive creatures capable of providing love and affection beyond measure.


Out of curiosity, why do some people treat their pets with such a lack of compassion? 

Marijuana causes death?

A family in New Jersey has recently stated that marijuana use claimed the life of their 22-year old son. My sincerest prayers of healing and light go out to the grieving family. The death of a loved one is never an easy experience to comprehend, much less get over.

I found the DailyMail’s article compelling and fascinating. It never ceases to amaze me how today’s journalism gets by using broad, biased generalizations, and non-fact checked disinformation as headlines.

For starters, the article states that the young man died of heart arrhythmia (aka an abnormal heartbeat). A medical examination discovered “traces” of THC in the deceased’s bloodstream. Curious as to what may cause arrhythmia, I did a quick internet search.


Apparently, there are MANY causes of an abnormal heartbeat. In some cases, a genetic predisposition may lead one to have this condition. Even something as seemingly harmless as OTC medications, nutritional supplements (vague), too much alcohol or caffeine (Starbucks is potentially a murderous corporation?), and stress can contribute to heart arrhythmia. Just based on all these potential causes, why would the family single out marijuana as the primary culprit?

The DailyMail’s article noted research conducted by Georgia State University (I have included the link to the study as the DailyMail article failed to do so- top notch journalism at it’s finest…). As an inquisitive Masters student, I find several issues with this study. The study concluded that “use of marijuana increases risk of metabolic syndrome.” Okay, sounds scary, right? Well, what exactly is metabolic syndrome? According to GSU’s researchers, metabolic syndrome is “a cluster of symptoms that increase a person’s risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.” Okay… So what would those cluster of symptoms be exactly? Further stated in the study, “criteria for diagnosing metabolic syndrome are not settled.” SERIOUSLY. *insert eye roll here. The researchers went on to conclude, “Irrespective of the criteria for metabolic syndrome, each year of marijuana use showed increased odds of having metabolic syndrome,” the researchers said. So a published university medical study is making bold conclusions “irrespective” of medical consensus over what truly constitutes metabolic syndrome? Comes across as careless, dangerous, and scientifically unsound to me…

As I am not a medical doctor, I will not assert that this young man did not have heart issued caused by marijuana use. However, as the young man’s mother and father are not medical professionals, their claims that weed caused his death are futile. If there is one thing I know is that, “correlation does not equal causation!” For example, a morbidly obese person may pass away from a heart attack or a stroke while enjoying his fried chicken dinner. To make come to a bold conclusion that fried chicken kills people is completely inaccurate and doesn’t take into account a person’s entire medical history or poor eating habits.

My favorite part of this investigatory piece (if one would be so moved as to call it), is

“..the medical examiner who looked at Michael is not convinced that marijuana is what caused his heart arrhythmia since there is still a lack of evidence about the drug’s side effects.”

Wow. Imagine that. A trained medical examiner, doing his/her job stating for the record that marijuana did not contribute to this poor man’s untimely death. If only writers for the DailyMail displayed similar professionalism and wrote factual, informative news stories rather than sensationalized opinion pieces. I say this in earnest as this article was presented under the website’s “Health” section.

There is no wonder why the negative stigma still surrounds cannabis. Misinformation is being circulated as reputable news, and innocent readers are taking the bait. In future, we should do ourselves a favor and do the research ourselves. Let’s not jump to conclusions because of flashy headlines.

My beloved Angel Aura Quartz

I don’t like to play favorites… Each of my crystals in my collection (I have over 60 at the moment!) is special to me. Despite my horrible memory (I couldn’t tell you what I did last Wednesday, for example), I can recall the origin of all my stones. Lately, I have been drawn to one particular stone, my angel aura quartz (aka Rainbow Aura, Opal Aura, Pearl Aura).

Appearance-wise, it is a gorgeous crystal. Smooth and tumbled, the gem gleams a dazzling muted rainbow. As light shines through, the auric qualities exude a peaceful, celestial serenity. If I could only picture what floating in Heaven would look like, I feel as though it would be similar to being inside an aura quartz.

Despite its heavenly beauty, this stone is pretty easy to find at metaphysical stores and is usually listed at a decent price. I purchased my tumbled piece for a cool $6 from a large metaphysical shop in Austin, Texas called Nature’s Treasures. When I first laid eyes on it, I was mesmerized. Its smooth surface is cool to the touch. The rainbow colors dance in the light as if trapped in a bead of water.

Personally, I only select crystals that I am drawn to in the moment and only read the metaphysical properties after purchase. I find that gems come into our lives when their particular powers are needed most in our lives. The properties of the aura quartz are as follows:

  • It is a stone of high spiritual energy, protecting the auric field of its owner
  • Facilitates higher and deeper levels of meditative connection
  • Raises energy levels when feeling stressed or depleted
  • Opens communication with Angels and Spirit Guides
  • Brings peace and tranquility

Appearances aside, I do feel a sense of ease and calmness while holding this stone. If I’m having anxious thoughts and trouble falling asleep, I will place my aura quartz on my heart chakra and feel immediately comforted. As I am working to become more in-tune with my Angels and “spiritual team”, this gem is a tool which will help strengthen this connection. As it is compact enough to carry; I keep it the left pocket of my jeans or in my handbag. When I hold my aura quartz for a few moments, I am reminded that there are higher angelic forces surrounding me and guiding me.

Do you have a favorite crystal at the moment? Which stone are you gravitated towards?

Sun in Virgo

As we enter the weeks of Virgo, I am reminded that summer is winding down and autumn is almost upon us! Yesterday the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse occurred, a triumphant ending to the Leo season.

What does this change in astrological season signify? In basic terms, any child born between now and September 22nd will have the sign of Virgo. In a spiritual sense, The Maiden’s energy reminds us bring our focus back to practical pursuits. As Virgos are known to be highly-organized and hardworking, the shift in the zodiac encourages us to prioritize our lives, get down to business, and clean up any clutter. I have felt the Virgo energy to begin deep cleaning and organizing my home.

What projects have you been putting off all summer? Tap into Virgo power to give you the motivation and organizational prowess to check-off delayed tasks from your to-do list!