Stargazing (or more eloquently known as amateur astronomy) is a fascinating, inexpensive hobby. What you need:

  • A dark environment free from light pollution (stars can be visible in Cork despite it being a city!)
  • Your eyes! (no need for a fancy telescope)
  • Preferably: a partner or friend to share the experience with
  • Bonus: the “Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day” app. It’s a cool $2.99 and works wonderfully, identify different constellations and stars. Also, the app provides brief details over the constellations you scan over. Pretty neat!

While gazing into the dark abyss of space, you realize just how small you truly are. You’ll experience a sense of connection as you notice that you are a part of the large, complex, mostly unknown cosmos. The faint twinkling of stars and planets many millions of light years away emphasises the sheer magnitude of the Universe. It is in these moments that stargazing can be all at once a thrilling, emotionally-moving, profound and existential experience.

As more and more of you probably live in or near a city, stargazing can be a difficult feat. City lights blind our ability to enjoy a dazzling night sky. Lately, vacationers have been traveling to remote destinations that offer a chance to embrace a starry night.

How often do you enjoy the beauty of our cosmos? Has it been too long since you’ve actually relaxed, sat back, and stargazed?