My beloved Angel Aura Quartz

I don’t like to play favorites… Each of my crystals in my collection (I have over 60 at the moment!) is special to me. Despite my horrible memory (I couldn’t tell you what I did last Wednesday, for example), I can recall the origin of all my stones. Lately, I have been drawn to one particular stone, my angel aura quartz (aka Rainbow Aura, Opal Aura, Pearl Aura).

Appearance-wise, it is a gorgeous crystal. Smooth and tumbled, the gem gleams a dazzling muted rainbow. As light shines through, the auric qualities exude a peaceful, celestial serenity. If I could only picture what floating in Heaven would look like, I feel as though it would be similar to being inside an aura quartz.

Despite its heavenly beauty, this stone is pretty easy to find at metaphysical stores and is usually listed at a decent price. I purchased my tumbled piece for a cool $6 from a large metaphysical shop in Austin, Texas called Nature’s Treasures. When I first laid eyes on it, I was mesmerized. Its smooth surface is cool to the touch. The rainbow colors dance in the light as if trapped in a bead of water.

Personally, I only select crystals that I am drawn to in the moment and only read the metaphysical properties after purchase. I find that gems come into our lives when their particular powers are needed most in our lives. The properties of the aura quartz are as follows:

  • It is a stone of high spiritual energy, protecting the auric field of its owner
  • Facilitates higher and deeper levels of meditative connection
  • Raises energy levels when feeling stressed or depleted
  • Opens communication with Angels and Spirit Guides
  • Brings peace and tranquility

Appearances aside, I do feel a sense of ease and calmness while holding this stone. If I’m having anxious thoughts and trouble falling asleep, I will place my aura quartz on my heart chakra and feel immediately comforted. As I am working to become more in-tune with my Angels and “spiritual team”, this gem is a tool which will help strengthen this connection. As it is compact enough to carry; I keep it the left pocket of my jeans or in my handbag. When I hold my aura quartz for a few moments, I am reminded that there are higher angelic forces surrounding me and guiding me.

Do you have a favorite crystal at the moment? Which stone are you gravitated towards?