While never being much of a “math person,” it’s difficult not to overlook the profound connection numbers have in the Universe. It can be said with confidence that “everything in the Universe is made of math.” Mathematical formulas exist everywhere! From nature, to outer space, to your name, to your birthdate, numerical significance exists. The Psychic Teachers recently covered this topic in one of their #tbt episodes.

As I’m not a quantum physicist or “mathlete” by any means, I will not go too in-depth with mathematical formulas in correlation to birth dates and alphabetical appropriation. There are plenty of resources (and videos!) which provide a step-by-step guide to calculating the numerical significance attributed to your current life path.

Numerology calculator: This free, easy-to-use web page allows you to enter your birthdate and receive an instant calculation of your life path number.

Birthday/Karmic calculator: This website provides a more detailed analysis of your Karmic life path number.

Indian name numerology calculator: This site allows you to type in your full name and then provides you an in-depth analysis on your Vedic name number.

Also, Felicia Bender’s website is another great resource into the exciting world of numbers and spiritual connection.

Ironically, my name and birthdate numerology all calculate to a number 3! Three’s are said to be highly creative and expressive. There is, of course, much more information outlined for each life path number. Aren’t you curious to discover the numbers related to your life?