Architecture Top 10

Marvelous. Breathtaking. Mind-blowing.

I cannot contain my enthusiasm for this Netflix series! Each episode showcases spectacular architectural marvels throughout the world from buildings and bridges to other manmade constructions! One does not have to be an engineering-enthusiast or architecture student to appreciate this show. Each manmade wonder presented highlights the history of its design and construction, along with impressive facts and figures pertaining to the structure’s design. Ancient and modern-era designs are discussed.

For me, this show is a reminder of the astonishing feats humans can accomplish once everyone works together for a common goal. These impressive architectural feats correspond to incredible human connection and genuine interests in making the world a better place.

Why you should watch this show:

  • You will learn a great deal of history and insight into the world’s most famous and iconic structures
  • You will feel encouraged to learn more (awakens the inner-nerd!)
  • You may feel a new found sense of optimism for humanity
  • It’s an entertaining and insightful experience which can reach a broad audience of all ages

Have you seen Netflix’s Architecture Top 10 yet? Are there any similar shows that you can’t stop thinking/raving about?