Gemstone smoking pieces

The relationship between a cannabis smoker and his/her pipe is sacred. Most people I know are very protective and nurturing to their pieces. Treating their pipe with care, cleaning it regularly, keeping it in a safe place, and even ascribing it with a name.

As I currently live in Ireland, a nation which cherishes alcohol over any other substance, finding nice quality and good-looking pipes can be a difficult feat. Thankfully, the global shopping mall of the Internet provides wonderful options. Etsy is a great source for handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces. The American shop, “the crystal vibes” showcases a dazzling assortment of handmade smoking pieces made out of quality gemstones and crystals. Every goddess’s dream come true!

I have yet to order my own as I’m awaiting a reason to treat myself to such a beautiful item. The product reviews are excellent (the majority of respondents left 5 stars!). The prices are also reasonable (all products priced under $100), considering every piece is made-to-order and crafted by hand using top-quality crystals.

You can also check out the latest pieces added to the collection on the crystalv1bes Instagram!

Purple aura pipe

(Source: IG crystalv1bes)