Acid house

Whatever label you’d like to place on the British musician known as Bonobo won’t capture the full essence of his music. His music comes across more like a work of art, highlighting a uniquely creative blend of tonality and sounds. Each album showcases an exceptional harmony of drum beats and ambient tones that all resonate deep within the soul. I love it when music has that effect.

I prefer listening to Bonobo while I’m working, studying, and writing. I feel more focused and centered as there usually aren’t lyrical songs to get distracted by and sing along to. Ideally, Bonobo would be the perfect soundtrack for a leisurely poolside day, a train ride through gorgeous scenery, or cooking a lovely dinner. The music is relaxing, sophisticated, spiritual and adds a sense of elevated refinement.

Give these albums a listen:

Animal Magic


The North Borders

Black Sands



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