Sag Season

The season of Sagittarius is upon us. From November 21 until December 21, the outwardly thinking and global spirit of Sag encourages us to put a focus on building social connections, finding what truly inspires us, and finding ways of making our voices heard. All of these attributes perfectly coincide with the social and communal holiday season. As we approach Christmas, think of ways to share the loving and giving spirit of Yuletide.

My boyfriend, Denis, and I have answered the call of charity by opening our home to a foster dog. Foxy, an adorable little Cojack with bright, almond-shaped eyes and ridiculously short legs, has been such a lovely addition to our home. At six years old, Foxy was given up by his original family (for reasons unbeknownst to us) and thrust into an overly-crowded and very busy local animal shelter. Being unaccustomed to life outside of a loving home, this little guy was confused and scared, to say the least.

After seeing his mug on Facebook, I reached out to the shelter to see what we could do. Less than an hour later we had a dog and what little belongs he had (a leash and a bag of kibble). While we cannot commit to keeping Foxy indefinitely, becoming his foster pet parents has been such a gift. We are delighted to see him transition from a scared, confused pup to a vibrant little guy with such a loving and affectionate disposition. With plenty of fireside cuddles, neighborhood strolls, and cheeky treats of Black Forest ham (only the best for Foxy), Denis and I are happy to show Foxy what a loving household is all about.

This Sag season, find ways to contribute or give back to your community or a cause you feel strongly about. Any generous gesture, no matter how big or small, will make a difference. Despite living a world where we are bombarded with bad news and depressing headlines, you can be a source of light and a beacon of positivity.