Little fawn

Last night I had the most vivid dream. I dreamt I was cradling a little baby fawn in my arms. I was a protector, keeping it secure and safe. I kept it warm and stroked its delicate fur. I awoke feeling calm and at ease. There had to be a message associated with this fragile, yet strikingly beautiful animal.

Some careful web sleuthing led me to interesting details about baby deer symbolism. According to an interpretation by spiritual professional and shaman Quornesha S., the fawn deer:


“appears in our lives as a message that you will find that the incessant worries you have today will not be as prevalent tomorrow. It is a message that there is something that has come to an end in your life. In regards to worries or struggles, in ones’ life.

Your thought processes are maturing at this time and are elevating. A chapter has concluded and a new one is to take its place. Be consistent with the directions of your life and your life’s work.

It is up to you to believe in the birth of your own ideas, as only you know how they are going to work out for the long term or imminent future.”


How incredibly opportune to receive the message of the fawn on the eve of beginning my blog! How often I have worried that my blog wouldn’t be successful, effectively doubting my abilities and my instincts. Too frequently, we deny our chance to begin down a path which would truly fulfill us as we allow anxiety, toxic beliefs of inferiority, or simply the fear of failing stand in our way.

As I had gently nurtured the fawn in my dreams, I am inspired by a sense of courage and self-assurance to nurture blckmeta.

What self-doubting beliefs or unfair judgements are standing in the way from achieving your goals? Remember that the dreams and desires you feel within you are as delicate as a fawn in the wood. Support yourself, believe in your abilities, and guard your ideas from your own self-toxifying disbelief. Take a chance and just do it.